my difficult child makes me insane.. venting


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My husband is out of town for work until Thursday.
I can't imagine how single parents deal with difficult child's alone!
My son difficult child completely takes advantage of me when my husband is away. I can't leave difficult child 15 & easy child sis 13 alone for 15 minutes or they're at each other's throats! Always started by some obnoxious thing my difficult child did. She had the laptop in the bathroom listening to music while showering, I'm in my room relaxing (trying to) and all hell breaks loose... he wants the laptop so, he's trying to break into the bathroom to get it. She comes out screaming and one of the most irritating things he does is call everyone insane and acts totally calm after he's ticked one of us off. His rationale was "she wouldn't open the door and I wanted it" that's is his justification. He always has an excuse, or it's someone else's fault it's like the behavior of a 3 year old!

Man oh man!


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A 3 year old pretty much sums up alot of my difficult children behaviors too. I say that she hit the Terrible Twos at age three, and they never left! Her latest is throwing a complete screaming fit and then when I'm all upset she says in this totally annoyed voice "OMG mom, I can't believe you fell for that, I was just joking". Urrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!


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I seem to recall reading someplace recently that kids with AD/HD and ODD are behind developmentally in those wonderful social skills. So, we tend to expect behavior of them for their physical age, but in reality they are years behind. I have to beat this into my head every time my son does something that makes me wonder if he's really 6 going on 2. His most recent thing is to yell at me and tell me "You're FIRED!".

Oh and as a single parent - we deal with it like anyone else, one day at a time. Luckily my parents are close enough to help out on weekends and are steadfastly behind me with his diagnosis and what his needs are. I wouldn't have survived these past two years without them.



I will admit things here are more quiet then they have been in a long time. But it makes me sads that difficult child I and d/h almost seem happy difficult child II is not here. There's no way I can leave difficult child I & II home alone together.

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Oh, yeah. I remember those days. (I try not to)

That's when I started the countdown til they were 18. It sounds silly, but it used to get me thru some pretty rough moments.

Finally my kids can actually enjoy each others company. But man, those teen years were rough.



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Thanks for your comments, thanks for the hugs!
Hugs to you guys too!

I am counting down until the big 18!


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Yes....those days of sibling chaos. Well, I gotta tell you I've blocked this from my mind - too much for my mind to handle :rofl:.

Add in GFGness - okay I can feel myself blocking out this memory as well. :hypnosis: :rofl:

Too much, too much :surprise: :faint: :smile:


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I say that she hit the Terrible Twos at age three, and they never left!

That's funny. Anytime someone asks me what "ODD is" I say it's the terrible two's times my 8 yr old! LOL

Yes...I can relate to a difficult child making one insane! Both of mine make me insane. And it's'd think my 8 yr old would torment the 3 yr old, but it's actually the other way around! My 3 yr old drives my 8 yr old mad!