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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, May 10, 2009.

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    e-mail! My brother and sister in law brought my mom to the library a few weeks ago and set up an e-mail account for her. She started out just e-mailing two times a week. She kept saying she hoped she wasn't a bother. I made the mistake of telling her it wasn't a bother and that I liked hearing from her (which was true at the time).

    Now she is emailing me every day except for Sunday (the library is closed). She wants to hear back from me daily so I am trying to keep up but then she gets upset that I don't write long letters back. YIKES!!! Her feelings would be way too hard to tell her to write only a couple of days a week. Yet my life is not so exciting that I have stuff to write about daily (I try to keep her out of the difficult child loop as much as possible).
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    Ummmm....I think there is this small just email thing that attaches to the telephone so the more elderly among us can just do emails. Kinda like the webtv was. Maybe you could get her one so she doesnt have to treck to the library that way you could just pass on jokes and stuff and not feel as bad if you dont get those long folksy letters in.
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    My mother likes to forward EVERY joke or mushy chain email she receives to me. Well, I hope your mother slows down a bit after a while.
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    Now that she has mastered email, maybe its time to find her a Bulletin Board for older people so she can "chat"

    But at least you have a good idea for an Xmas present - one of those small computers for email only. I couldn't ever see my mother sending me an email. I know they have them at the place where she lives - her excuse is she is "too old" to do that. But she has been saying she is "too old" do do anything new for as long as I can remember..

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    Hey, she is mom - she will be happy just knowing what you had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as what you wore today and what the weather is like outside (if you live in different towns). Don't forget to tell her what animals you have spotted throughout the day.

    She just needs to know that you are surviving.

    My mom sends me lots of jokes, ect. Not much for what she and Dad are doing though.
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    Well, at least she hasn't discovered viral e-mails with cherubic children and flowers and sappy poetry; or warnings about not putting plastic in the microwave!

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    My emails I get from my folks are basically about weather. So...what's the weather like there today? Dad, you don't get off the Weather channel for two minutes. You know what it is like.