My "Vacation" Day


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Just had to post to tell you about the exciting vacation day that lies ahead of me.

At 9:15 I have a CSE meeting at school to go over the results of the re-evaluation of difficult child and his current collaborative day treatment program. I have already talked with the school staff and the collaborative day staff and know their recommendations, but apparently, we have to have the appointment to make it official.

Then, at 1:00, we have an appointment with our therapist & psychiatrist at collaborative day program. Since the day program is 45 minutes away from home I will have to leave by noon, and since the appointments usually run 90 minutes or more, I was trying to figure out how much actual time I would have been able to spend at work today and it stressed me out completely.

My boss was "kind" enough to let me take a vacation day. The first one I've had in 18 months. Go figure that it has to be spent in this manner, right? Although, to tell you the truth, it will be a lot less stressful - and the sun is shining, so I guess it could be worse.

I can remember - although it seems like a former life - when I took a vacation day to do something decadent and fun. Ahhhh - those were the days! :hammer:


(the future) MRS. GERE
Jamie, unfortunately you can probably kiss most of those vacation days good-bye until your difficult child turns 18. Sorry about that. :sad:



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Thanks, ladies! The umbrella drink idea made me smile. :smile:

I did not get the ummbrella drink, but the day was okay anyway.

Yes, I know my lounging around vacation days are over for a number of years. One particularly bad year - at my old job - I had used all of my sick time completely up by this time, so I guess I'm doing better now that I was then.

It was a lot less stressful not trying to run back and forth in and out of work in between appointments. I am sure I will pay for it today though - my desk will probably look like a fort it will be stacked so high with files. It was worth it though.

I should have at least rubbed on a little coconut scented sunblock or something before I headed out - maybe that would have made me feel a bit more "on vacation".

I'm still holding out hope that one day I'll have my sun drenched beach and umbrella drink vacation.