my week at a glance...............



Monday: flooding all around, stuck home with both difficult child's. I get depressed watching coverage of VA Tech shooting from beginning to end. <evening> difficult child II tried to physically assault difficult child I, d/h tries to break it up and.........

Tuesday: noon at work and I get a call from school, there's an officer there that wants to talk to me about incident the night before involving difficult child II and d/h, our 1st DYFS experience, and thankfully I can say nothing but positive things thus far although I am less then thrilled that it happened.

Wednesday: try to take difficult child II to Dr's to verify he has no physical signs of abuse, difficult child II has fit and cracks car window from kicking it

Thursday: mid day I get a call from school, I cringe as I answer, but it is HS calling about difficult child I who is refusing to do his work and his teacher is po'd. Come home from work & get a call from school again difficult child II got in a fight and they want me to come pick him up. difficult child II tells teacher he wants to "kill himself", 6 hours in the ER to get a joke of an emergency psychiatric consult.

Friday: home with difficult child II and missing work way too much this week
School psychologist tells me what I should be doing as difficult child II is screaming at the top of his lungs and kicking my bedroom door.

And gee now comes the weekend, sorry venting


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Yes take a deep breath and let it go... you need to be ready for the next battle. Try not to hang on to this week. I know it is hard. Try to be positive and find something good about this weekend... even if you give the whole family a do over.

Mine have been driving me crazy as well so I just said frick it!!! We made cookies and are watching a movie!!! We all got a do over. We all need a break sometimes, sure they are still hanging on me, jumping up and down, popcorn all over the floor, touching each other... but I am just sitting here surfing and kind of paying attention!!!

I needed it... husband is out of town a bit longer this time. If your week has been this stressful go easy on yourself and family...
hang in there.

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Wishing you a much more peaceful weekend :flower:Some times the best part of a week is that it is coming to an end and tomorrow is a new day. I hope you find some "me" time for yourself. :bath: Hugs.


Thanks these boards are a blessing. Besides my Bible I feel this is the only other place I can turn, I am still trying to pray about telling my parents about what happened with DYFS, because they already hate D/H and I am sure this won't help, although they've seen difficult child II in action, they always love to remind me that "most of the time he's fine when he's with us"


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I'm sorry I am reading this late. I hope your weekend was ok. Sending peaceful thoughts your way. Tomorrow is another day...