need advise on dealing with CPS.


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OK, it's been 6 months since I last posted, 6 months since my husbands suicide.

CPS came calling today with a 'rummor'. I had been drinking. Yes, on saterday, the 6 month anniversery, I went to the cemetary and to the local bar to have a few. The kids were being watched by my best friend. I was 'responsibly' having a 'mommy-time-out'. I have been playing this game by their rules. Counseling, Parent-Aide, Partnership Program(Wrap around), etc. I had gone 4 months without any 'concerns' from them.

I've had it. My kids are well cared for, the center of my life. I want to get an attorney. If that doesn't work, I'm ready to sell my house and move.

Does anyone have any other ideas?


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I'm sure that given the events over the past year CPS thinks of your family as "at risk". It's the way of CPS.

This is a very emotional time - it hasn't been a year since your husband has passed away. You & your children are processing & grieving.

Take your time before making life decisions. Be gentle with yourself. :smile:


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If you have nothing to hide, then if you like where you live, put up with it and they will go away eventually. If you drink, and do so responsibly, then you are ok. My thoughts are with you, you have your plate overflowing.


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My best advice would be to stay calm. No matter what they do, don't let them see you bitter, angry, unhappy, anything that will set off alarms to them.

Calmly and politely answer any questions that they have about what you were doing and how your children were being cared for at the time. Don't offer anything more than the most basic answers to their questions. Don't elaborate and don't explain anything that they didn't ask about.

They may have questions as to your level of intoxication upon your return home, so be prepared for that. Will the sitter be able to speak on your behalf?

This sucks, and I know you are angry. You have every right to be angry. But you can't let them see that. Unless they want to launch a full scale investigation, you probably don't need an attorney.


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I agree that you can't let them see anger. I have been there done that. It did cost me my children, while I was mandated to take anger management classes and parenting classes. Your emotions can fuel their fire. I don't see that they can do a lot as long as you had a reliable sitter while you were out. Your greiving process is still new and that may be their true concern. I hope it all goes well. You do have people who care.


I haven't had to deal with CPS,but you have gotten good advice here. I think the most important thing is to keep calm and be cooperative.

Sending good thoughts. You have been through alot. ((( Jenzer))) Be gentle with yourself and take your time before making any big decisions,such as moving.


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I am sorry on top of everything else, this!
Be calm. Answer their questions only...don't interject too much.
They will go away......eventually.
If you want to move and start over, that could be a great thing too.
Best of luck with your decision.

Melissa :smile: