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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Foolbaby, May 2, 2007.

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    Hello All, I've been away for quite a while. I really love it here but it is also overwhelming at times for me. Just a quick update, my son has been commited to doctor til his 19th birthday or until he complete's prgram. He's had his obs & assement and is currently waiting for a bed at a state detention facility. My question for you all is....Isn't conduct disorder a mental health condition? And, if it is, along with my son's other diagnoses (ADHD, Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression) shouldn't he receive intensive mental health care? Right now, he is being "Wharehoused" in a county detention center until a bed become available. He is on special program (meaning all by himself) with no interaction with other kids. He was on sucide watch all weekend also. Isn't this unhealthy for his mental heath? I feel like I know something else should be done, but when I talk to the big dogs, they pretty much make me feel like a control freak. Any insight would be greatly appreciated ladies and gentlemen. Thanks so much.
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    Not to be a dark cloud on this issue, but it has been my experience that once they get hooked up in the justice system, there is little regard for mental health. My son, who has a diagnosis of anti-social disorder (previously conduct disorder) has never received one minute of mental health in the many years he's been incarcerated. It's all about housing people.

    My best guess is you'd have to push this through the court system in order to get any services.

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    Thanks Abbey, That's exactly what I thought. And you are right. I will push the issue. I strongly believe it is a mental condition and if not treated properly the child will not get any better. Thankfully, I have been asked to sit on the juvenile justice for children's mental health panel in my state as a parent and I WILL be an advocate for my child along with everyone else's to make sure we get the proper treatment for our chilren.
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    I have to agree that my son's diagnosis od ADHD with emphasis on Hyperactivity, and ODD and Conduct Disorder diagnosis got nothing for him in the area of care. the juvenile justice system director in our county as well as the intake person at the facility he was in for two yrs (glen mills schools in philadelphia PA) told me they did not believe in any of those labels.

    he spent two yrs in jail after he turned adult. still no help. the 4 or more RTCs he was in as well as the jail were all warehousing detention centers as far as I could see.
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    If you can stand any more of the drama, I would suggest that you appeal the court's decision and request that he be sent to a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) instead of mentioned before, most of the time once they get sucked into the juvie system, there isn't much regard for mental health...however, you might get lucky on this one if you go in prepared with information regarding a few different facilities that can care for children that have similar criminal backgrounds as your son and still offer the mental health program.

    I don't know a lot about this, our difficult child has never been in trouble with the law (knock on wood) but she IS only 12, so we pray everyday that she will not take a turn that direction...