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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Eden, May 26, 2009.

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    We've finally reached the end of our rope with difficult child. He's regularly drinking, ignores curfew, failed Junior year, drives drunk and now I caught him having sex with his g/f in our house at 3:30 a.m. (he regularly sneaks kids into our home while we are sound asleep.) All of his former friends, except one, have abandoned him because he is so verbally abusive to them.

    He will be 18 in mid-June and has informed us he can "do whatever he wants."

    We are going to put our large home on the market and move into a small rental for a year. He's going to have a few options: either keep living with us in the small place, under strict rules with strict consequences; go into a wilderness school followed by transitional school; or move out and support himself. In other words, the party's over.

    I also need to find an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist in Dallas/Fort Worth to get us family or individual counselling to help us with family issues and his nicotine/alcohol addiction. (yes, I've finally accepted that he's either got an alcohol addiction or he's working aggressively towards having one soon). A complete neuropsychologist evaluation is probably in order too.

    Does anyone have recommendations for professionals who could help us in the Dallas area? We've been in counselling before, but we ended up with someone who just let difficult child cry and complain about how he's not been parented correctly ... then he dropped out of counselling and used all that he learned against us for two years.

    Thanks for any recommendations for specific people/programs, or any tips on finding a good one. I am heartbroken, sick to my stomach, completely stressed out and can't even sleep in my own home. I have to take decisive action ASAP.
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    General recommendations can be posted publicly. Any specific recommendations about professionals or programs should be sent via PM to Eden.
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    Have you contacted your county mental health department? That might be a good place to start. Or local children's hospital? Your school district may even have a list of providers they can recommend. Call their child welfare/attendance office. I know ours has a list that they gave me after difficult child 2's crisis intervention.

    Good luck!
  4. Fran

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    You realize at 18 he doesn't have to go to counseling or cooperate? No wilderness program will take him if he is not willing to go at 18. It's pretty late in the game to talk parenting. It's more a matter of function and laws. If he gets arrested he isn't going to juvie but big boys jail. Life will change dramatically for him and for you. No one will give you any info on your child despite you paying the bills. His counselors, doctors and anyone else are bound to privacy rules for an 18yr old.

    I would suggest Alanon for you and your husband regardless if difficult child goes to AA. I know some pediatric recommendations but I don't really know of any in the adult world.

    Do a search for post high school transition programs. I know there are some out there but I do not believe I know of any in Texas. (I lived there 12yrs but moved less than 2 yrs ago)

    Good luck with rules and consequences. I don't see this as working since it hasn't thus far.
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    I just wanted to 2nd Fran's suggestion of Al Anon for you...they are awesome and in my humble opinion better than most therapists.

    Take Care,
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    PM me I have a plethora of resources for Dallas. I lived there my whole life with difficult child, and just moved to AZ a couple of months ago.