Needing prayers again


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husband's dad is in ICU. Some of you will recall that his mom died in Dec. just have difficult child went to rehab. husband is a tender hearted soul who is full of love and very emotional. With difficult child is jail, PCson fighting for his marriage and family (with someone who thinks she'd rather be a single mom, the death of his mother, and twelve years of taking care of his dad who is in a vegatative coma---I'm worried about him. He just can't seem to detach from difficult child. He talks to him every night and visits every visit. It is making him suffer to see his son suffer. I feel for him and try to help him see that difficult child needs to stay where he is until the judge lets him out. I have the money to post bail, but it is earmarked for other things. PCdaughter wants to go away to school in the fall. PCson has a job offer and will probably be back to work before long, but he may need some assitance to fight for his son if daughter in law decides to leave. We have spent sooooooo much fighting for difficult child over the years, and I feel like the others need us too. I feel like the bad guy. I always have to be tough---stay sane---carry the load. Pray that he can hold up under all of this pressure---and I don't have to carry him too.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>katmom,your concern for husband's emotional well being is a loving testament of a marriage bond that grows and adapts to the day to day life struggles. It speaks volumes of your husband and even more so to you. It is a kind and giving nature that can see the struggles of others all the while struggling yourself.
I hope husband can find the strength by using you as his touch stone. Couples work when the strengths of one help where the other is weak and vice a versa. He holds you up where you are weak. No one can balance the whole thing by themself and do it well.</span>


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I'm sorry, katmom. It sounds like such a terrible strain right now. Big hugs.



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tell your husband that his son is learning a powerful lesson, that only this can teach him. he would not want to interfere with the lesson. in order for your son to one day be better, he has to see the inside of the jail. so he can hate it. that is the point.

God bless you both and keep you strong


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Oh, Katmom. Hugs.
Your son is definitely in a learning situation. I wish you could make your husband understand. Do you have any friends to talk to him and lighten your burden?