Nerve conduction test results

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  1. rejectedmom

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    I had the electromylograph (nerve conduction) tests today and the results were not good. :sick: In fact I am worse than I was before the surgery. The conductivity is down to an eight while my good arm is at fifty. It was at a twelve in mybad arm prior to the surgery and had improved for a while post op but now it is worse. For some reason the nerve has continued to deteriorate and we still do not know why. If the xrays do not show anything concrete I will be sent to the neuro doctor. I will find out about the xrays at my doctor's appoint on Friday the 20th.

    Needless to say I am not happy. The docs have to find out what is going on or my hand will be paralyzed at some point in the future. I am sooooooooooooooooo not happy. If the xrays are not difinative I will need to have a complete exploratory done on the nerve from the neck down to the hand. I am not sure What that entails. I'm hoping it is done with some imaging devices such as sonography and not invasive. I will ask on Friday. I'm trying not to think about it too much for now and hoping that the pictures will show something. I need to figure out how to keep my mind occupied until Friday. :anxious: -RM
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  2. Hound dog

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    I am so sorry rm. I hope they can get this figured out and that it's treatable. I don't doubt it's awfully scary.

  3. Lothlorien

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    I'm sorry the news was not good. I hope they can get to the root of the problem and offer surgery that will fix your problem.
  4. tiredmommy

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    {{{Hugs}}} I was really hoping for better news. Keep us updated.
  5. Wiped Out

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    I'm sorry, I hope they are able to find a way to treat this. (((Hugs)))
  6. rejectedmom

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    Thanks you Lisa, Lothlorien, TM and WO, I too am hoping it can be treated.

    I came down to breakfast this morning and I told husband that I was trying to fight off some depression he asked why and I told him that I was not happy about my hand and he says "why, does it feel worse today?" I lost it. We have a long history of him not understanding or being supportative of my physical and emotional needs. When things get difficult he dissapears and when he doesn't disappear he makes everything about him. He is like Mr. Spock so analytical and emotionless when others need him. Conversly, when it is him that is in need of anything the world must stop and attend. So I imploded because yet again he doesn't get it.

    I asked him : "What is going on isn't enough for me to feel down; it has to get worse before I can qualify for that? I could loose the use of my hand but I shouldn't feel sad and worried? This comming from someone who can't take a shot and panics over a ditigal prostrate exam?" I then took my tea into the sitting room and did some deep breathing exercises.

    And no believe me, it isn't just his choice of words. He backs it all up with actions. So now he is lying in bed sulking I guess those couple of chores I had asked him to do this weekend won't get done again. Oh what I'd give for a difficult child-free life! -RM
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  7. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    I take it his Phd is not in philosophy, maybe engineering?

    Can't they explore the length of the nerve using electromyography? husband is retired radiologist and never used imaging for nerve conduction studies.

    I'm so sorry for the lack of support. They really are from another planet.
  8. susiestar

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    I am SO sorry for the nerve problem. And for the total lack of support. Not sure what planet they are from, but it isn't the same one we are from.

    Just remember we are here anytime you need support. And when it is bad we are right there sitting with you patting you on the back and hugging you.

    I pray the docs can figure out why and a medication like lyrica can help. Some medication, any medication.

    Hugs, Susie
  9. rejectedmom

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    ThreeShadows, My husband is a scientist. For him if I had feelings or issues he'd say it was harmones. Yet he openly admits that I am not a moody person and that I am very even tempered and patient. As far as the tests go, I do not know what methods will be used I will find out on Friday if Orthopeadic doctor is going to refer me out. The DO who did the conduction test said that he thought that a CAT and a EEG and MRI should be done along with a full spinal evaluation.
    He said this because he couldn't pinpoint an area of possible compression and I have neck problems from past accidents. But he had made some recomendations the last time he did the conduction tests (2007) that the ortho didn't act on so I don't know what tests wil lbe ordered. For now it is a wait and see.

    Susie, Thanks for the hugs and support. husband decided to work on his car which does need attention but could have waited a bit. At least he is out of my hair. -RM
  10. TerryJ2

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    Oh, I am so sorry!
    And how frustating that your husband doesn't have a clue. I had to chuckle at ThreeShadows tongue-in-cheek Q about whether your husband's PhD was in engineering rather than philosophy. I said something similar to my husband the other night and he jumped all over my case for it.

    Anyway, there are noninvasive tests that can be done, but I'm wondering if an MRI or CT scan will show nerves?
    It's actually a good idea to go all the way up to the neck. You've got to find the source of the impingement.

    I am sending loads of luck and hope to you.

  11. rejectedmom

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    Aw thanks Terry the flowers are beautiful. I do not know about the MRI and CAT I know that the MRI will show soft tissue muscles and ligaments that sort of stuff. I'm really not up on my neurobiology. This is the first I've had any occasion other than my migraines which I have had under control for years without medications. -RM
  12. flutterbee

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    I'm so sorry, RM.

  13. timer lady

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    I'm so sorry to hear the results of your tests. I've been very frustrated since I've had the shingles that resulted in meningitis that resulted in encephalopathy & cushing's disease.

    I hate that I lost my ability to play piano ~ that my typing is so slow & labored. I'm painting & sketching away like crazy however I'm getting more & more numbness & tingling so I cannot paint as much.

    I miss the music; I'm hating how difficult it's becoming to work on my art. How easy I fatigue & lose the feeling in my hands when I'm working on a sketch or painting.

    I'm whining on your thread - sorry. I just wanted you to know I understand & hope your condition can be reversed.
  14. rejectedmom

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    Flutterbee thank you for the support,

    Linda, it is OK to wine I know we are in similar situations with our health.
    I hope we both find some relief. -RM
  15. TerryJ2

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    RM, can you describe your symptoms really specifically? I asked my husband for info and he said he needs more info from you.
    I am not good at searching and tried to find your old notes. :(
    What sort of accidents were you in that hurt your neck? Which verterbrae were affected?
    What were the first arm and hand symptoms? Pain? Tingling? Sharp pain? Dropping things and loss of grip?
    Which part of your hand and arm?

    To clarify, you had an emg done and are thinking about doing another?
  16. ML

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    How frustrating! I really hope they are able to figure out what is going on and that the process and solution are relatively non invasive. Hugs, ML
  17. Steely

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    Sending many hugs RM.
    I will stay positive that something will get cause a change for better, and soon.
  18. KTMom91

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    I'm so sorry the results weren't more encouraging, and that your H is being a poop. Many hugs and healing wishes coming your way!
  19. rejectedmom

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    Terry I'll PM you tomorrow.
    ML, Steely and KTmom2, Thank you for the hugs and good wishes. -RM
  20. Star*

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    DIGITAL WHAT???????

    Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor......​