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    I know everyone recommends a Neuor psychiatric evaluation, but in my many phone calls on Monday I found out insurance doesn't cover it.

    Is there another way to get it paid for other than myself? I don't have $3-4000 to pay for it. Heck I can't even pay to get my car fixed so I can get it smogged and drive legally.

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    The School Board will pay for neuropsychologist examinations IF you have an IEP and your son's problems are accepted by the schools. Often there is a year or two delay before the tests due to $$'s and the demand. DDD
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    He has an IEP, but I don't understand what you mean by if my son's problems are accepted by the schools.

    We are moving up the ladder so to speak in his IEP meetings. There are more and more people from the district that are attending. People that make decisions.
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    Just FYI, regarding my son's recent neuropsychological testing: He received a discount for being a self-pay patient. The facility charges $179 per hour for testing; however, we received a discount for self-pay where he was charged $71.60 per hour.

    Good luck to you. I hope you can get help.
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    Based on my experience only, the school will only pay for psycho-educational testing, not neuropsychological testing. If a dr/psychiatrist "orders" or refers for neuropsychologist testing due to a certain suspected disability, the insurance paid for that portion only and I paid for the rest out of pocket.
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    You suspect an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Do you have a Board of Developmental Disabilities?

    I have to run, but when I get back I'll do some searching and see what I can find.
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    Yes. This specifically:

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