New diagnosis of Schizophrenia spectrum, psychotic disorder

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Loony Smurf, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Loony Smurf

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    Ok, just got this diagnosis for my 14 yr old, any suggestions on what I tell the school? what to put in the IEP? Havent got the detailed report yet, just a brief overview of what they found. So far this year he's done well, but last year was a disaster, and I have no doubt at some point he'll derail again.

    The school seems to try to help him. Last year he was suspended repeatedly for behaviors that really were linked to this. I think if they know the diagnosis they should be a little more understanding of when the kid doesn't act rationally, as long as he isn't hurting anyone. Not sure what to put in the IEP and behavior plan though. He does also have a writing disability, and his IEP is under emotional problem and writing disability thus far. Both of which he still has according to the neuropsychologist.

    So, ideas?
  2. SomewhereOutThere

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    What made them give him this diagnosis? It's pretty serious. I would want a second opinion. Does he hallucinate or lose touch with reality?
  3. Loony Smurf

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    He does hear things, yes. He also has very strange ideas and thought patterns that have no base in reality, and when you try to talk with him it leaves you wondering what ballfield he is in, cause he's not even out in left field, he's in a whole different park. Sadly the diagnosis really does fit, I just hadn't thought of it before. And more damning is that on studying up on it and reading the criteria, his dad also fits it.