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    I'm glad I'm here and able to get the support I need for my family.

    I am living with my fiance's nephew, his mother, and my fiance. My nephew is 12 years old and has recently been diagnosis'd with Asperger's syndrome. He already was diagnosed for ADHD. I understand ADHD because my fiance and I have that as well. I am just at my wit's end with the Asperger's.

    My nephew, Cameron, seems to be preoccupied with defying rules. He recently began slamming the door in the morning when he leaves for school. My fiance and I are living in an apartment that is connected to the house and this door he leaves from is at the foot of the stairs. I am woken up by Cameron at 7 a.m. My fiance and I go to bed very late most of the time due to our business we run together. We recently began to pick up more clients, so the hours to organize our files etc have been later and later. I have confronted Cameron when he does this, taken away different things he likes, explaining why I am doing this, and giving them back the next day if he complies with my rule. I seem to get temporary success from this, but then he picks up again a day or 2 later.

    I am waking up shaking in anger from him. His favorite thing is video games. I have considered taking his games back to the store so he can get some real idea that it isn't okay to behave this way. When he's positive, my fiance and I spend time with him (his mother works a lot) and we try to engage in activities Cameron likes (video games, talking about his friends, playing Yu-Gi-Oh). He responds well to that, but when he's given one thing, he seems to want more and more. He "plays" his mother a lot and she is exhausted as well so she gives into his requests.

    What can we do to get him to stop behaving defiantly over the smallest things? Am I looking at this wrong? I just don't get what the point is to be rebellious because someone is asking him to stop being so negative and inconsiderate. Please help and I thank you all so much for your time.
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    Several people, including me, answered you in your first thread. It DID post. Welcome to the board ;)