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  1. witzend

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    We have new neighbors behind us. Daddy bought his son a house. Not ever good in my experience when you don't have to earn your house.

    Son has a dog. The dog has been whining and yelping since they moved in yesterday afternoon. husband has talked to the owner twice over the fence but has failed to mention that they should shut the dog up. I don't believe in outside dogs or dogs that are locked in garages. If you don't want another active member of the family, don't get a dog.

    I am in about as p-poor a mood as I have been in since Christmas. No one actually wants me to go talk to the people. But I could spit nails at husband for talking to these people twice today and not saying "With all that whining and barking your dog seems like he's a little anxious and lonely. Maybe you could keep him in the house with you so that he can calm down and be quieter." It would be much better than if I have to go over and say something. Much. Better.
  2. Abbey

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    I hate to see animals kept outside. They are just lonely. If you're going to do that, just don't have one at all. That's like Lucy next door. Poor girl sits out there all day with no contact. I, myself, have several scratches from Lucy. She's one ball of energy.

  3. mrscatinthehat

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    Oh I agree that can be horrible. Our neighbors two doors down have a couple of outside dogs but they spend a lot of time outside. They also bring them in when it is really cold so I don't feel so bad. But I agree if you aren't going to give them attention don't bother getting them.

  4. susiestar

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    We had a lovely dog who was an outside dog. She was not lonely, did not bark a lot, and was very well socialized.

    She was very happy outside. When she was inside for very long she would go sit by the door and whine.


    Friday was NEVER happy being inside for hours. She had a lovely pen and many visitors. She had human visitors, but she also had friends of other species. The birds would come land on her, the squirrels would snuggle with her, and even the armadillo would lie down a few feet next to her once or twice a week.

    I DO think this dog is not happy outside (your neighbors' dog). And something does need to be said. If you can't talk to them, make a complaint to the police. It is wrong to torture the neighbors by making them listen to your unhappy dog.

    But let's not make sweeping judgements about all outside dogs.
  5. witzend

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    Susie, I had to think a while before I replied to what you said about outdoor dogs. In hindsight, I remember my aunt and uncle who lived on a ranch and they had dogs. I don't know that any of them ever came into the house. They seemed happy, I think. There were seven (!) children, a few dozen calves, horses, sheep. Generally a menagerie. I remember watching the dogs and cats in the rain one day. The taller dogs stood, and the smaller dogs and cats stood under the big dogs to stay dry. I don't know that they would know what to do in a house, or without all of the goings on in the yard.

    On the other hand, I live in suburbia, and there is not a lot of room in the yard. It seems cruel to leave a dog in a garage in a new house all by itself all day. And honestly, with the privacy fences and the hedges, even a dog that is familiar with the neighborhood but can't see or touch what any of the noises are must be very confusing. A dog that is whining and crying for hours on end does not belong in a yard or a garage by itself. It seems like it was loved for a bit then thrown aside and it will never fit into either world if that is the case.

    In all honesty, in the city when you have an alarm system I don't understand the need for an outside dog. But if that's how they're born and raised, and they don't cry out all day, I suppose it suits some people and some dogs. Just not for me, I guess. I'm the lady with two dogs and four dog beds plus the really nice sofa that no one but Bubba sits upon. I guess I'm trying to make up for not being able to give more to my kids. ;)
  6. nvts

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    Hey Witz! I know you said you're in a bad mood since Christmas, but why not throw together a "welcome" basket for the dog and pass it over the fence? Milk bones, a couple of chew toys and a dog training book (or internet articles) about teaching your dog to stop barking and whining?

    I sound like an idiot with Gremlin. She gets to the end of the alley where we trained her to "do her business" and barks at kids riding ANYTHING (roller skates, scooters, bikes) and people walking their dogs. She's a wacky sort of dog that looks really really fierce, but "dances and smiles" when she's happy to see you. Now picture an 80 lb. muscle bound, black dog doing an Elvis impersonation, and you've got a spooky looking knucklehead behind the gate. I'm up on the deck telling her (loudly) to knock it off, you're not allowed to bug the neighbors!

    Once I started hollering that at the dog, I noticed that our neighbor started giving her chihuahua's HELL for all of the yiping and barking (honestly, they were starting to make our backyard unbearable!) all day long.

    Maybe yours will get the hint with the training info.

  7. Calgon_Take_Me_Away

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    You could leave an anonymous note on their door or make a noise complaint (don't know your area, but here the sheriff will visit and tell ya to keep control of it).

    We had a noise complaint once and I was irritated over it because in our small town of 250 people, a complaining neighbor couldn't just walk next door and tell us the dogs were annoying them (everyone knows everyone). We had 10 puppies, it was last spring and they would go outside in a round kennel for a couple hours a day (I was always home when they were outside and used the time to clean their area in the house). If the neighbor worked nights and slept during the day, fine, then let me know when you'd be awake. When the sheriff arrived, the dogs were inside and I took our momma and one of the puppies with me to the door and told him, they are 9 week old puppies, they bark.

    Good Luck with- the neighbor ~ maybe it's still in unfamiliar state and after a couple more weeks you'll be more accustomed and tune it out?
  8. TerryJ2

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    It's more of an issue that dogs are pack animals and social creatures.

    So sorry, Witzend. It can be annoying.
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  9. Star*

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    Here are some TRUE dog stories - from my life.

    My x (albiet a jackass) was working (really?) and the new neighbor moved in the next duplex. They had a WEimeriner. IT barked so much we said that it must have never inhaled - but took in air rectally. Bark, bark, bark, nonstop, not even for 15 seconds.

    Then the man would come home - and we'd be getting ready to leave for work. So the neighbor beside him came over to us and said "Does that dogs barking bother you? I'm going to talk to him." She was a stay at home mom with 2 babies and naps needed. So she did - she told the man that she stayed home with her kids and the dog barked non stop - he just couldn't imagine how much. He said he was sorry and would do something about it immediately.

    The next morning - we were coming in from a job and the man left - and the dog started barking - my ex - took a 16 penny nail, and a note pad and a hammer - he wrote "IF THAT DOG BARKS TOMORROW I WON'T HURT IT BUT YOU WON'T SEE IT EVER AGAIN - signed your p'd off neighbor. And then drove the note through the door with the 16 penny nail.

    The next morning - dog went to work with the boy and we never heard it again.

    Sooooooo ya got a hammer?


    That - OR allum filled pill pockets - that way you'd only hear
    uuf uuf......instead of WOOF WOOF......

    My other idea - and I have done this before - is to set a tape recorder outside and tape the dog. Or video tape it - and hand the tape to your neighbors saying Look, didn't want to get off on the wrong foot but EVEN you will have to admit that THIS is extreme - When the neighbor I gave the tape to played it - she came over and apologized and said she would do something about it. And did. She was more embarrassed than anything else.
  10. witzend

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    Well, one of the other neighbors mentioned it before us. The new neighbor swears it wasn't his dog, but you can only imagine how quiet it was last night! :D

    by the way, the mood is lightening quite a bit. I swear, sometimes you just have to let those things work their way out of your system. This was a two day "movement", I guess. ;)
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911