Next steps advice for son arrested Sunday


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Ok, well, so far so good. My difficult child is doing well at the center and I'm relieved to know that and also that he'll be there and safe for the next 28 days. My concern now is what do we do after the 28 days?

Does anyone know if I can request that he be transferred to a psychiatric hospital for a short time just to be taken off all medications and then put back on and stabilized? I just don't know if this all happened because he was self-medicating with illegal drugs and his prescribed drugs are ok, just not mixed with the illegal ones; or, if he's just on the wrong medications altogether. There are warnings that people who have a family history of bi-polar should not be on stimulants or anti-depressants and he's on both. I've always talked with each doctor about this concern, but they always want to go ahead with it (they know more than I do so what can I do??? but I'm ALWAYS sure to voice my concerns)

Also, for my husband and I to feel safe in our home when he's here, any ideas for safeguards? For example, alarms on the bedroom doors, pepper spray, lock up knives, things like that. I just don't want to put my difficult child in a position to hurt himself or anyone else in our family, I know I can't think of everything but I just hear too many stories of people suddenly losing it and doing something horrible. I just want to make it as difficult as possible...any ideas???

I'm still feeling kinda hopeless and very scared, but hangin in there, my two little ones certainly make me smile everyday and that's a very good thing. Thank you in advance for all of your support and ideas and sharing your experiences of what you feel has worked or what you'd do differently if given a chance.


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whoops!! sorry that's not on my signature, I'll add it. Anyway, he just turned 16 in June, he'll be a junior in HS.


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If possible I would check and see if he could be put in an inpatient treatment program for his depression / hositility.
This may help him get stabilized and diagnosed properly. Talk with someone at the center and perhaps get whoever has done the recent evaluation on him involved. You could go before the judge and say you don't feel safe in your own home with him in this condition and that you want him hospitalized.


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I surely don't "know" but I sincerely doubt that your son would
be transferred to a psychiatric hospital if he is now functioning well
on the medications he is taking. Truthfully, it wouldn't make sense to me either. If he can function on medications then that is alot
to be thankful for as many can't. I do understand the self-medication issue and believe me I understand your deep hurting

I am not the Board expert on mh issues but I do know more than I
want to know about substance abuse and psychiatric issues. The worst
thing that I know is that 16 year olds usually have the legal option to refuse all medication and care. It makes no sense but
most often it is the law. They can legally self destruct.

Sorry I don't have any positive input but I am glad he is safe
for 28 days. Use that time to rest and get up to date on all
the surrounding issues. Hugs. DDD


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I sincerely doubt that your child would go from a 28day program to a phospital. You might check into aftercare for him or even an intensive outpatient program (IOP).
If difficult child is not bipolar then he certainly shouldn't be taking medications for it. If you are not comfortable with whomever is tx or diagnosing him, it's ok to get a 2nd opinion. Your right about giving stims to a BiPolar (BP) is not a good idea until the mood is stable.

Sending some cyber strength your way. :warrior: