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    I got difficult child 1 back from visitation and guess what they did? Halloween movies. So, I'm sitting in front of difficult child 1's bedroom right now while he is trying to sleep with his light on. He is scared from the movies.

    I feel like crying. Skip that, I am crying.

    They went to a church Halloween party on Saturday. difficult child 1 scared a little kid and the kids dad got mad at him. The adult started yelling at him. difficult child 1 said he spent the rest of the party tracking where that man was so he could avoid him. I asked him where X was. X didn't come to the party. His aunt that is just a little older than he is took him. difficult child 1 said he didn't mean to scare the kid and he tried to fix it (probably made it worse by trying to fix it).
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    oh poor dude. my sister's X would do the same to their son...let him watch horrible movies and play terrible games on gaming systems...then my sister had to live with the consequences. i babsat him many a time when he was not sleeping due to that ****. Really mean.
  3. DDD

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    Sending hugs to you and difficult child. Does your Ex not accept that difficult child has problems or does he just not care? Is it possible that he sets up situations just to pull your chain? I often wondered that about my Ex and still don't know the answer. Sigh. DDD
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    I DO NOT like your X :( He makes me so mad. I know you feel the same way. HUGS. I wish I could offer more.
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    All of the above. X doesn't think anyone with his genes could have any health problems. Just taking difficult child 1 to the doctor was an act of defiance on my part. X also gets pleasure from hurting people. This was done by X's parents though. difficult child 1 spent most of his time this visitation with X's family.
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    I remember having to hide in my room this time of year because my boys were all parked in front of the TV watching those stupid scary movies! From the time they were itty bitty things they loved the darned stuff. I tried in vein to keep them away but it didnt work. Especially Billy, the scarier the better. Normally Jamie and Cory would finally get bored and fall asleep. Billy was watching all those Jason and Halloween movies from about age 5 or 6. He couldnt get enough. He would beg Tony to try to scare him. Odd kid.
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    Poor kid. Poor you.

    Evil X's aside, some parents are just that clueless, and some kids will do ANYTHING to please their parents. I had a neighbor who LOVED scary movies. She always watched them with her kids, the youngest was 5. She'd brag about how her kids LOVED the movies. Yeah, OK, not so much. Every time that little girl was over our house, she'd tell me how scared she was of the movies, and she was certain my house was haunted, and refused to be alone ANYWHERE, etc, etc. Of course I filled mom in on this, but she didn't seem to care and wasn't planning on changing her movie preferences, because little girl refused to admit it to mom. :sigh:
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    Arrggh! Why can't people learn cause and effect?
    So sorry about the movies. It will wear off. Sigh.
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    Count me in on one who is not a fan of your X or his family. What a dumb thing to do to a child with high anxiety.
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    GFGmom has always believed saying "it's not real" was all that was necessary. I think difficult child#1 was four or five when he and his "Mommy" watched Freddie Kruger. OMG! Of course, then he came home to me and was able to express how scared he was. Sigh. Sometimes it is just plain stupidity on the part of the parents. DDD