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    husband was going into Noodles & Company to pick up an order. difficult child asked if he could go in as well. husband said no and when difficult child asked him why he said because you always want extra stuff. difficult child replied ok and he knew that was true. Two seconds later, "So Dad, can I come in with-you?" husband says no and goes in. by the way, this is so typical of my difficult child. He will ask the same question 50 times or more hoping for a different answer.

    So as husband goes in I say to difficult child, well you certainly are persistent. Then I asked if he knew what that meant and told him when he said he didn't. He replies, "Yeah, but not as persistent as you!" I couldn't stop laughing- he knows when I say no it's no (even if he asks a bazillion times). Then I asked who was more persistent difficult child or husband, difficult child answered that he was. (husband is pretty consistent but will some times just give in for a bit of quiet).
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    Smart boy! LOL
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    Cute. My difficult child constantly asks the same question over and over too. He'll also go to the other parent if one of us says no to something and try with the other parent.
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    Way to go warriormom! Consistent is hard to do. difficult child 1 normally pushes me until I get mad about it. Then he'll back down.
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    I had friends whose parents handled the triangulation thing really well... If they went to Mom first, she'd always say that she had to talk to Dad first. If they went to Dad first, he always said "Did you talk to Mom?"... If they had, the answer was whatever Mom said. If they hadn't... they were told to go talk to Mom. In other words... you talk to Mom, Mom talks to Dad, and Mom + Dad give the answer... THEY (the kids) hated it!