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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Mar 5, 2012.

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    I have been so short tempered with Kanga's staff recently. I have just had it with them. Today it was one asking for a copy of her medical card (which they have), asking why I hadn't replied to her e-mail (which I had) and explaining that without her medical card, they can't take her to the hospital if she needs to go. Of course, I explained in an aggravated voice that even in their little town, I am sure that their hospital has a computer and that they would check on the current status of her insurance upon admission whether or not they had the actual card with them (cause I had to hospitalize the sweet darling ump-teen times and rarely did she choose to pause her meltdown long enough for me to go get her medical card. )

    I know they are incompetent but I am usually more patient with people. I am just so ready for her to turn 18 and them to STOP CALLING ME.
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    I get these. Mostly to do with work, though...

    :hugs: I understand. Too well...
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    I swear some cosmic ray beamed onto the earth and stole the brains from 50% of the people in human services professions..... they are just walking crazies..... and not the difficult child kind.
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    ANd then they wonder why the parents are so "combative" with the staff.
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    I know- iot is draining and it gets old. I feel for you.
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    You want competence? Well, I suppose that in an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) setting there should be. Amazes me when "professionals" have no clue.

    Out of curiosity, what will happen to Kanga when she turns 18?