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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I am floored and happy tonight. There was NO problem with not coming over until gfgbro left - apparently he was told that it wasn't anything they want to hear about and to go away so we could visit. Dad is pretty good at that.

    We had a great visit, and plan to get together one afternoon next week. I had some neat gifts for Mom's birthday, including a chinese knock-off of "Clockie", the alarm clock that runs away from you!! It was a big hit - I didn't know it sounds kind of like R2D2, lol! I also gave her a pack of post-it picture paper to print pics on her computer and then stick them around the house or whatever. My mom is an office supply junkie (Staples is like being in a candy store full of crack for her.) and she thinks post-its are about the best invention ever, so it was a big hit.

    I also found a pair of scissors on clearance at WM a few months ago. They have a led light built in and she has eye problems, so that was a hit. My aunt was threatening to steal them, which is a long running family joke. Then I had a stapler that looks like a doggie. I thought she was going to give it a biscuit with the way she kept looking at it.

    She had some stuff from her travels this summer that were for me. Beautiful cross stitch linen in a great big piece, some really cool star shaped beads that will be perfect to sew into snow on a holiday scene, jam that my aunt's mom made, a shirt for husband, and a super cool dragon pen for husband.

    We talked about a lot of stuff, had a good time, and plan to get together one afternoon next week, just me, mom and my aunt. They have indicated that there will NOT be an Inquisition about gfgbro stuff. My mom is fine with how things are as long as I don't cut her and dad out of our lives.

    Hearing that almost made me cry. It has been a long time coming and feels good to hear and I am hopeful that they will stick to it. I know Dad will. He hates to get into stuff.

    My dad also gave me money to get some medical tests that I desperately need and cannot afford done, and to fill ALL of my rx's, instead of just some of them.

    Whew! I need a nap!
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    Susie, how WONDERFUL. I'm so glad that your visit turned out so well AND that your parents seem to be making an effort to understand and support you.
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    what a wonderful change for you! you needed this break.
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    I'm so glad the evening went well!