No wonder our kids don't have values!!!

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    I grew up in a small town where the people were very prejudice. As I grew up I learned that even in my own family I was considered an outcast _a mixed breed. My parents were very loving and it wasn't until later in my school years that it was even an issue for me. Due to my childhood I had a hard time opening up to people. After my first husband cheated-second husband cheated it was a long time before I opened up to have a relationship. After that it took several years to convince me to get married. After several years I finally felt open enough to have true friends that we hung out with all the time. our house -their house - all holidays-weekends- and what we use to call drive by's which meant the person driving by brought the beer. We use to have such a good time. Open garage policy(which meant beer is in the frig)but after my step children used them to run away and they allowed it - the relationships are destroyed (by their choice-I have made attempts to forgive them) and so is my faith in friendship. I have not had a lot of friends in my life due to the prejudice and unfortunately most of them have passed on. That is why I feel alone a lot of time. Nights like tonight are hard-none of my "kids" want to talk and no friends to hang out-the relationship between husband is rocky and sometimes it makes me wonder what the he** any of this is worth anyway!! Back when friendship was forever threw thick and thin- not til i decide i can raise your kid better especially when they don't even know the whole story to begin with. Its no wonder kids are all confused these days they don't have anyone to teach them true values.
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    you've been having a tough time with difficult child lately. I mean, it's been really magnified lately. That stress alone takes it toll.

    It sounds to me like you are feeling lost and alone. You know, true friends don't judge. Those who you think were your friends were definately not. No big loss there Mog - don't mourn their disappearance in your life.

    You teach your children by YOUR example, not the example of your or their friends. If you are feeling loney, there are a few things you can do. Take a class to learn how to knit, join a reading club at your local library, volunteer for your local food bank or, now that difficult child is 16, take him and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity together. There are many diverse folks living in the world (and I live with diversity in my life). You are who you represent yourself to be. You do have say in the positive and negatives in your life.

    Don't show yourself to be needy - go out there and grab something you want and run with it. Taking some time for yourself to do a craft or serve the community will lift your spirits - I guarantee!