Nothing earth shattering but why do things go wrong in groups?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    First I better say that I am grateful nothing major is wrong. on the other hand, the past two days have included a series of aggravating business issues. Why to heck do they always come in groups? My fax machine broke yesterday when I was waiting for some important diagrams for a customer. I bought a new machine and I swear it is written in five languages and finally I had to call a tech...who is late. A new important (government) customer came in looking for obsolete parts. I found them and was shocked that they would only cost me $45 a piece. Not! The shipper couldn't locate the the rebuilts so they shipped new at three times the price...not good I quote on the first price. That's the end of my vent.

    Do irritating things come in sets for you, too? Ugh. DDD
  2. Hound dog

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    Always. Usually in a series of 3's oddly enough.

    Yet this last batch has been going on for about 3 yrs with one thing after another...........I'm hoping I'm getting it all whammed at once and that when it's done it will be smooth sailing. lol
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    I wonder if Mercury is in retrograde...not that I am a big believer in all things zodiac - but my life has turned upside down in the past day...
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    Umm... I think I know part of the answer. But not all of it.

    When something goes wrong, and it's small, and we're not stressed, it's not a big deal so we blow it off. But - when something reasonably important goes wrong (fax dies, you need it for work), it stresses you... So the new fax, which is a PITA, stresses you more, and then you quote something lower than you can actually deliver and you're more stressed... Snowball effect.

    One ant is squashable. An anthill is a little harder. A monster ant mountain is impossible.

    Another thing - something goes wrong, and I get stressed, I make mistakes. So now something else is wrong and I'm more upset and I make more mistakes and...and...and...
  5. Star*

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    I KNOW!!!!!!!! My boobs......fell in twos....I'm just thankful there wasn't three.

    SOrry about YOUR shipping delima.