OH so happy with our doctor team right now

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    I just love that I have someone to write this too or my brain swims. With the increase in school issues (and overall at home and with Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers too, since school adds so much stress) I called our main pediatrician. (who specializes in treating kids iwth behavior issues regardless of diagnosis and has been our doctor since before my son's arrival...when I interviewed him). I also called the new psychiatric. who just BOUGHT an outpatient treatment program so if we need to do medication changes he wont have to go in pt. unless things get too crazy. She is amazing and both she and our neuro are moms to special needs, very challenging kids. They already have all talked to eachother and called me and what they had each been thinking was similar--so they are deciding about adding a medication. Always scary given his liver enzyme problems which affect being able to process medications...but they all know about it and the psychiatric actually did research on it while at Mayo Clinic for training. Not sure of the final decision but since difficult child has seizures which affect behavior, the plan is probably to add to his seizure medications with a medication that also is used for kids who have behavior issues alone. Probably Lamictal.

    Poor kid had seizure symptoms treated as "anxiety" because he was thought to have depersonalization and derealization problems. He would say, MOM, I feel fake. turned out after 4 years of that, to be the temporal lobe seizures he was having multiple times day and night. HE is on Lyrica for now and it has helped greatly. Luckily it is an add on medication so others can be used. I hope this is a help for him. Whatever they decide.
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    It is great that you have awesome people to work with!
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    YAY! It is awesome when you have professionals that all talk to each other and cooperate with each other and you. That is wonderful and I hope it continues to work for you and difficult child.
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    That is awesome. I love it that they both have special kids. Talk about wholistic!