OJ's Verdict

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Stella Johnson, Oct 3, 2008.

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    They updated the story to say he was found guilty on all charges! I hope the judge is smart enough to keep him locked up during the appeal process... He faces life in prison!

    Steph, that has to be the best news I have heard in a month! What a monster, I don't care what anyone says he killed those people and got away with it!

    Uh... Just MHO, you know....

  3. Stella Johnson

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    Finally someone makes him pay for everything he has been doing. He thinks he can get away with anything because he used to be a football player.

    I'm so happy to know he's in the slammer.:bravo:
  4. Marcie Mac

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    Good news

    I am sure there will be a general hue and cry go up from some that everyone is out to get OJ behind bars on trumped up charges, and that the system was gunning for him..

    But Nicole and Ron will finally get some justice..

  5. donna723

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    I think it's called "Karma"!

    And you know what they say about Karma ... when you least expect it, it will come back and bite you right in the butt!

  6. muttmeister

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    I'm glad they found him guilty but I guess I"m just cynical because I think by the time he gets through all of the appeals he's bound to try for he'll probably die of old age.
  7. hearts and roses

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    Although, yes, I believe in karma, I think this time around it's called 'long overdue justice'. Ugh, he makes my skin crawl.
  8. meowbunny

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    On a personal level, I thinlk Simpson is a sorry excuse for a human being. That being said, I truly hope he was convicted on the crimes or robbery and kidnapping (which is a stretch in my opinion), not the crimes of his past murders and the punishment fits the convicted crimes.

    Whether we like it or not, he was found not guilty (not innocent, mind you, but not guilty) of the murders. He was not on trial for those crimes and should not be.

    I do believe he should have been found guilty of the robbery, even if he was stealing back his own stuff -- that's what the police and courts are for. We don't take justice into our own hands. However, the kidnapping charge is ridiculous. It is very rare for armed robbers, even in extreme hostage situations, to be charged with kidnapping. In this case, it is pure vindictiveness and has nothing to do with justice.

    To my mind, getting revenge on Simpson isn't half as important as seeing that our justice system works and, in this case, I'm not convinced it quite did.
  9. Nancy

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    Kinda like Al Capone huh? I'm thrilled he was found guilty.

    I'm glad for Ron Goldman's family, I just saw them on tv the other day and they have fought every day since Ron's death for justice.


  10. witzend

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    MB, I did watch some of the recent trial on what used to be court tv. As the statute reads, he committed both robbery and kidnapping. Even if something would eventually legally be determined to belong to you, if it is in someone else's possession and you take it from them by force or intimidation with one or more other people to back you up in that force or intimidation, that's robbery under the statute. He could have called the police and asked them to help him retrieve his belongings and he didn't.

    Kidnapping doesn't have to mean taking someone anywhere. It can be holding them somewhere against their will and by force. He's on audiotape saying (I'll leave out the foul language) "Don't let anyone leave the room until I get my stuff back!" When your homies are big brutes and they have guns (even if they don't have guns) that's robbery and kidnapping.

    I don't see it as justice for Ron and Nicole, though. It's justice for this thing, but he should have been in jail all of this time. Also, release while on appeal is only for rich people, and he can't access any of his money that's tied up in his house in Florida or his pension in CA in Vegas because it will go to the Goldmans. I think he will go to jail while he appeals, and that he doesn't really have the money for an appeal anyway without selling the house. The law says they can't touch the house in Florida, but if he sells it, they get first bite at the apple. He was robbing the dealers in Vegas because he's house rich and bank account poor. He just doesn't have the money for the dream team again. If he appeals, he'll likely appeal from a jail cell like the rest of the schmoe's in there. They took him into custody immediately after the verdict.
  11. donna723

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    Yep, Witz is right! 'Kidnapping' doesn't have to mean that you take someone off somewhere to another location - the legal definition is holding someone against their will. Refusing to allow someone to leave is legally 'Kidnapping'!

    In the prison where I work we have lots of guys who have a charge of 'Kidnapping' and most of them didn't actually abduct anyone ... they did something very similar to what OJ did! They held someone against their will or refused to allow someone to leave during the commission of another crime, like carjacking.
  12. meowbunny

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    I understand that it was technically kidnapping. However, it is not a charge that is normally added to armed robbery. Every armed robbery is a form of kidnapping. How often do you see kidnapping added to the armed robbery charge?

    As I said, I do believe the armed robbery charge was justice. I think the kidnapping was pure vindictiveness. That's not justice. There is no way this sentence will ever make up for what he did to the his ex, let alone Ron Goldman. Justice would have been served by a guilty verdict for those murders. Justice is served for the robbery verdict. I don't think justice was even remotely served for the kidnapping verdict. Sorry.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I wondered when he went on trial HOW in the WORLD you could find a venue and a jury of peers that would NOT in any way be the least bit prejudiced at his high profile trial regarding his ex wife Nicole and her friend Mr. Goldman.

    I have no idea if he's guilty of the crimes he committed in the past. A jury could not find sufficient evidence to convict him and he was set free. Sadly this happens every day and the opposite happens when people are just there and get convicted for things they really didn't do.

    What I believe about this case is that I also feel they used the kidnapping charge as a smoke screen to make SURE there was no way he would walk away from the robbery. Robbery by itself should have been enough to convict him - but then again you would think in todays day and age they could have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt he murdered his ex wife and her friend.

    I don't think the Goldmans or Nicoles family are sitting back and cheering today. And while he may not be the person he wants the rest of the world to believe he is - I'm mostly sorry in this case for his poor kids.

    Not once, not twice - but THREE times they have had to worry about their stability, their Mother, and now their Father. I feel mostly sorry for those kids of his. He's lived his life - everyone else touched by him never got that chance really.

    FYI - I was kidnapped and tortured .....and the cops arrested him FOR kidnapping and sexual assault - and let him bond out on his own...even after recorded threats to kill me - He still got a pass on it all. He got 3 months in jail....that was it. Sometimes life is not fair. And sometimes - you feel like life IS a fair. After that and what happened to my 16 year old look out NOW felon son? I have no belief in our justice system. AT ALL.
  14. Marguerite

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    MB, like you I have a big concern to be sure that OJ was convicted only for his activities associated with attempting to steal back what he thought was his stuff. TO have in mind at all, anything else is not justice. It is revenge.

    Mind you, I am cheering. We watched the murder trial in utter disbelief over here. A lot of stuff that was thrown out - would never have been thrown out here. Over here, it's the spirit of the law and not just the letter of the law, that is considered.

    But the murder trial was ten years ago.

    A lot of things have happened since the murder trial, to damage OJ's reputation. Much of what has happened has been his own doing. When he was on trial ten years ago, this was all shockingly new. It was so hard to believe that someone like OJ could be guilty; he had no record, he had no reputation other than evidence we heard for the first time as part of the trial. Benefit of doubt.

    Since then, OJ has done a few things wrong legally, as well as morally. The book was the final straw for a lot of people.

    So consider the man's reputation at the time he went into the casino with his new friends and their weapons. This time he did not have the unblemished reputation to protect him; these are the issues considered when charges are laid. The kidnapping - whether or not to apply that charge would depend on a lot of factors. They are separate charges which could be thrown out if OJ's defence could in any way demonstrate that they were applied frivolously. However, if the charges could be applied legally, then they need to be properly tried through the judicial system. That is what should determine if the charges of kidnapping apply.

    Sentencing will be interesting - I would expect a guilty verdict in this case to only get a lenient sentence on the kidnapping, if it really was not such a big deal. But just what did the victims go through in the fifteen minutes it took for the robbery? What was the intent? What was said? What was done?

    Every case should stand on its own merit and not take anything from previous cases. But when a repeat offender is up for consideration, then the record is also on the table. A crime is considered more serious when it is premeditated, when it is particularly aggressive and where it is believed that the person was not acting out of character.

    Ten years ago, OJ was not a repeat offender. Since then, he has made a number of mistakes including refusing to pay a court-ordered restitution, and then the legal fight over the book which really does read like a confession (no matter how carefully it was worded). By this time, the man's character has been publicly demonstrated NOT just by media discussion, but by OJ's own words and actions.

    I think the best phrase to describe this is "hoist by his own petard".

  15. DammitJanet

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    There is another good saying...OJ "scre.wed the pooch" for himself. He just couldnt keep his mouth shut and keep himself out of the limelight after getting away with murder. Back then I didnt want to believe he could have done it. Now? After all that he has said and done, I have no doubt. I guess he felt invincible but he isnt. I personally hope they throw the book at him.
  16. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Heard this morning he was CONVICTED on 13 out of 13 counts - AND

    Had an acquittal party planned - (oh the waste of cake) wonder if his "possee" partied without him.


    is being court ordered to wait in jail WHILE they come up with sentencing and NOT NOT NOT allowed out.

    Okay the acquittal party was just TOO much frosting on the cake there.