OMG! Brain Overload

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I HATE final exams! Let me add that I've always hated finals. lmao

My brain hurts.

God bless the 1 professor who decided to give us a rather difficult take home exam because we were behind in procedure checkoffs due to snow days. It was tough in some parts, but at least I don't have her exam added to my studying!

At the moment I'm thankful I studied my fanny off and my grades for the classes are all A's. So even if I totally bomb the exams I should pull B's in the classes. Finals aren't my strong suit, which is why I work my :censored2: off to keep my grade padded.

Worst of it is that my classes tend to teach the same basic areas, but stress different things and go into different amounts of detail. After a while it starts running together and it's hard to rmember which classs wants which. *sigh*

That's where the brain pain comes from. lol

And this time I'll have my first o/l final. Never taken one before. My last o/l class was keyboarding. No final. So I'm a bit nervous about that one. It's Medical Law and Ethics. Eeeeewwww!

Yesterday I studied for 12 straight hrs.:faint: Today I'm just now taking a break after 5 hrs. :slap:

Human Bio professor told us the major part of his test is on DNA structure and replication ect. The exact part of what we sudied that I haven't got a frimpin' clue if I even understand it.

Oh, well. After tues it'll be over. And I'll be on spring break. :smile:


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Yeah, I always hated finals and when I went back to school as a "more mature" student, I found my memory just wasn't what it used to be. I have thought about going for my masters, but just can't take anymore testing. Guess I could try for an IEP with only projects and assignments given, no memory testing????

Good luck with all your tests and frankly when you are finally out and are lucky enough to get a job in your field it won't really matter if you had a "perfect" score on your finals. (The good grades, however, do get you in the door.)


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Oh, Lisa, why can't my students be like you????

I can't get them to spend 10 minutes studying for a test. I was just like you, though, when I went back to school for my graduate degree.

School is wasted on the young!

Good luck on your online final. I know that you will do great!



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You're my hero, Lisa :bow: . I got brain pain just reading about how much you are studying :faint: !

Heck, I still have anxiety exam dreams from my college days and I won't tell you how many decades ago that was :rofl:

Good luck!


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Busy You have til April? OMG I know I couldn't have lasted that long. This has been a grueling quarter. UGh!

Kathy I swear to you I never studied like this way back when I was in highschool. I used to drive teachers nuts because I refused to do homework or study for tests. But somehow I always managed to maintain a 3.5. Back then the ol memory was GOOD! lol You're right, school is wasted on the young.

Suz You crack me up! :rofl: I think I'll be having anxiety over these darn exams for years to come. All night last night my brain kept going over the stupid material while I was asleep. :hypnosis:

My 2 day weekend total was 24 hrs. Bad part is that I still don't have a clue with the DNA stuff. They might as well be speaking a different language. :nonono:

When I get home this afternoon it's back to the books. Oh, goody. Wiped Out I'm taking 2 days off after this to do absolutely NOTHING. The family has already been warned. lmao I'm going to need it to recover.