OMG! My granddaughter will be born tomorrow!!!!


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Julie went to see her doctor and he said she was dilated 3 cm. She said that she hadn't felt anything different or any cramps or anything and doctor thinks she probably has a high pain tolerance (she does) and she wants to induce her tomorrow. When asked if she wanted to have the baby tomorrow, Julie said, "HELLo, yes!!!!!"

I can't believe it. Didn't we just move Sonic to his apartment? And now the baby is coming a week early! Tom and I are going to Chicago on Thursday because then we have a four day weekend with July 4th and can relax and spend time with little Kaili.

Too much is happening too fast! I am usually pretty ditzy, but it's worse now...haha.

Well, just telling you!


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That will be perfect. They will be home from the hospital and you can hold the baby and smell the baby......HURRAY!!!!!


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Yay MWM!!!! That's the best news I've heard all day!!! Congrats to you and your family! Enjoy that sweet baby girl!

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Keep us posted, MWM. What is her name going to be? I would just love to be around a precious little baby girl. Warm hugs for you and congratulations MWGrandmomma!


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Grands are just the BEST little gifts from God in every way!!!! I am praying our daughter gets married one day and has a bunch more! :D

Congratulations!!!! SO exciting!!!


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Oh, PG, I thought of you when I heard my daughter was having the baby today!!!! Two difficult children who turned it around! I'm very excited although we decided not to go down there until Thursday. That way all the other people will be gone, they'll be home, and we'll have all weekend to fuss over her. I can't wait to get a picture!!!!

I know that Julie and Geoff will not have a lot of kids so I'm going to enjoy this one :)