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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Feb 4, 2010.

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    We went to the school today for the mediation. difficult child told the asst principal that he did not want to be around this kid he wants to go separate ways. She gave him one day sout of school suspension for not going to in school suspension yesterday and to make it worse difficult child burnt the bridge with the security guard that he had a good relationship with. The lady who is in charge of his ankle bracelet wanted to know why difficult child is out so late and so he told her the story and she said she had to report it to the JPO and I told her that I had tried to reach him several times yesterday and did leave a message. I left another today. So now I am just waiting for the shoe to drop to see if they will arrest him or still go to triage on the 9th. My stomach is in knots :sick: I want a chocolate sheet cake and a gallon of ice cream
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    Just keep breathing slowly, in and out... have some chocolate by all means, but remember to breathe so you don't suffocate while trying to down the sheet cake and ice cream!

    You've done as much as you can to help mediate the situation. I think now it's time to practice your detachment skills and let things play out however they will. Speak your truth when offered the chance and know that you've done the best you can!

    We'll be here for you!
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    Just echoing what gcvmom said. I'll split the goods with you as long as the ice cream is vanilla!
    Hugs for you and your family xo ML
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    I agree, you've done all you can. difficult child is working on burning most of the bridges too, it seems. It's time to just wait and see.

    I'll pass on the ice cream, but chocolate-chocolate cakes sounds great!