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    husband spent many years in denial about difficult child's disorders and would not bother learning anything to help out. I told you all a few weeks ago about how it all seemed to hit husband and he seemed to be having a hard time but you could see that he had finally totally accepted that his boy was definately a difficult child.

    In the watercooler I read about a poll they are taking here in Canada about mental issues, I filled it out and emailed it to husband and others who I thought would take the time to fill it out for difficult child's sake. I was expecting husband to email me back saying he was busy (lots of responsibilities at his job) but would fill it out later, with good intentions, but knowing it wouldn't happen as the deadline is today.

    Less than 1/2 after I sent him the email, I got the response......


    I have tears in my eyes. He is a great, great man. He has truly become difficult child's biggest supporter.
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    Kudos, Dad!
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    Bravo, husband!!! :smile:

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    Way To Go! :bravo:
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    Alright dad! :bravo: :smile: :bravo:

    (Don't you just want to smack them upside the head though & ask what the heck took 'em so long? :rofl: :rofl: :hammer:)

    Glad husband is finally getting the "big" picture. :warrior:
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    It's great to have your partner as your supporter and on the same page in regards to your difficult child :bravo:

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    Hi there -- any idea where I can find that poll? I think my guy could use it. Thanks!