Our first fight

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Jul 30, 2009.

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    About 22 years ago, husband and I had our first fight. Weren't even married yet, but I remember driving down the freeway yelling at each other over children with blue or purple hair. husband was admantly against it - I couldn't have cared less, as long as they were more or less civilized-behaving teens.

    Flash forward to now. OMG, I'm clairvoyant and then some. difficult child has already been home with- the blue hair (and then bleached white when the blue wore off). That doesn't bother husband as much as the demented Dr. Seuss outfits he wears. My poor husband is really mortified to go out in public with- difficult child.

    I decided I'd better warn husband about latest hairstyle. I didn't ask difficult child for details - hearing that he had shaved half his head was pretty much enough info for me (or too much information). I'm kinda having fun (in a weird mother-of-a-difficult child kind of way) imaginging exactly *which* half got shaved - front, back or side??? husband about stroked out. Poor man. He's just not getting this detachment thing down real well. Guess I'll be taking difficult child grocery shopping for the next several months, LOL.

    We laughed about our first fight for a few moments, then husband got real serious and said this was all *my* fault. Somehow by bringing up that discussion 22 years ago, I caused difficult child's interesting coiffures today. :rofl:

    Detach detach detach. And hair grows. :hairy:
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Dude shaves his off entirely - and i keep saying - it will grow back----but it never does - and I chant with you

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    Sue, it could always be worse! :sad-very: Check this out ... hope it comes out on the right photo. If it doesn't, scroll around until you find the one called "Punks in Space"


    This lady is putting on such a brave face!
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    I got home from Ohio to find Cory had DBC shaved into the back of his very short hair. His hair is cut almost military style anyway and they shaved these initials into the back of his head with stars and swirls around them. It actually didnt look too awful. He went to this thing called SummerSlam or something like that. Big music festival.

    DBC stands for Deep Branch Crew. Our lil neighborhood gang...lol. I think Cory is the last and final leader. There may be a few 12 year olds trying to keep it alive...lmao.
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    Donna - a direct quote from my husband (the Texan who has never lost his drawl):

    "Oh my gawwwwwwwwwww"

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I told him it could be worse, those could be *his* daughters. "Those are GIRLS????"

    I do remind him that there's still a decent chance difficult child will someday become a bit less confrontational about his refusal to conform to the usual societal SOP. ;) He hasn't worn eyeliner in months - that's progress.

    I think probably he shaved either all his brown locks off, or all the blond, so he'll have one side bald and one longish. I'm sure it'll be interesting.

    I think I will need to take some pics for posterity.
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    My son asked me to shave his hair off completely the other day. At first I was going to do it, then I had him call grandpa. Grandpa said NO because we've been having some trouble with skinheads in the area lately. I wasn't thinking about that when I said I'd do it, but of course difficult child doesn't think that's a big deal. I finally wound up telling him that I didn't want other people thinking that he was a skinhead and reacting to him that way. I tried telling him that people have enough to talk about with him, that he didn't need to add to it and that I wouldn't shave him bald. I told him he could go no less than 1/8 of an inch. He didn't want that so now I have to get ready for the fight when school starts. He will have a decent haircut before identification pictures are taken the week before classes start or my name isn't MOM. lol
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    Sounds like you have the detachment part down and are even being able to laugh. difficult child hates when we shave his head because he wants to grow an afro (even though he wouldn't be able to take care of it).
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    "I told him it could be worse, those could be *his* daughters. "Those are GIRLS????"

    I looked at that picture two or three times before I finally realized that the one sitting down was a GIRL!

    That website has some really good ones on it.
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    Putting on a brave face but see that her fist looks clenched; well, anyway, she is holding her son's (?) hand with the other hand! LOL

    Sometimes, we parents have to be more flexible than Gumby. ;)
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    Sue, I have a niece who dyes her hair a different color every month (the red, purple, yellow, orange, blue); she's taking a break because her hair is falling out.

    Maybe difficult child's hair is falling out on one side. Hmmmmm

    My husband would have been right there with yours.....cringing then being unreasonable to me about something I may have mentioned years ago. You are not alone.
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    Well, a testament to your faith and strength in each other as this is only the 2nd fight.:tongue:

    Your husband and I would probably not do well together. I do funky things every now and then. I think my last wild color was plum. That doesn't go so well when you're getting old and grey. Lesson learned.

    I dress like a hippie, but know when to put on the face of a business person. I hate it, but will do it.

    Example: Roomie's coworker had a huge going away party as she's spending the next year or so touring the US and abroad in a 71 VW bus. She has 12' long dread locks and is the most earthy person you could imagine. No makeup, sandals, etc. She is lovely.

    As I'm applying for jobs, roomie keeps saying...you need to take that jewely off, wear a business suit (haha...McD's), etc. So I asked him about Anne and how she was as a coworker. He said she was the best stone artist he's ever seen in 30 years. She'll take a huge slab of granite and turn it into a master piece. She's done the Pentagon, Smithsonian, various capitals...etc,.

    Does what she chooses to look like affect her ability to be creative and get the job done? Absolutely not. It is what compliments her.

    Tell husband to not sweat the small things. Instead, wear it in pride.