Out Patient Treatment in CT


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So I talked to the psychiatrist, FINALLY. I told him I'd like a new evaluation for my son and he thought that was a good idea and recognized that my son definately had more than just ADHD (maybe some stress and anxiety, he said).

We both agreed that the best thing for my difficult child would be to wait until the evaluation to prescribe any new medications. He suggested Risperdal if there was anything as serious as him getting threatened to be kick out of camp for his impulses.

Now...we had talked about a specific clinic to get my difficult child into for the evaluation, but when I got a hold of them, it turns out they don't cover my area. :frown:

They said they only cover the "DCF coverage area for New Britain".

I am in the area of Middletown. Does anybody know of any out patient treament clinics that would cover us? I'm a bit new to this area, so I don't know what's good and what isn't.

My difficult child's been fairly good the past few days with the exception of a few incidents:
He stole a bunch of candy from the camp staff and handed it out to a bunch of kids after eating some (a regular, modern day Robin Hood? :p)
His usual lack of listening to the staff.
He stuck his finger in a 3 1/2 year old's face and she bit his finger, leaving a nice, teeth-shaped welt. So, after explaining he shouldn't do that and she shouldn't react that way, I had them hug. As I'm still standing right there, he jams his finger right back in her face. So...to time out he went.
The other incident happened today when I gave my easy child some cookies. I turned away for a minute and when I turned back, my son was saying "eat your cookie, Baby" and trying to cram the whole cookie down her throat.
At that point, we took our leave to go home, and he's now in bed a bit early to calm down.

Let's see what tomorrow will bring... This weekend I'm attempting to cut all wheat from his diet to see if there's an improvement. Fun fun. :rolleyes:


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Call your insurance company. Maybe they know who covers what area.

Sorry to hear about the cookie in baby's mouth - scary stuff! I guess you can not leave him for a minute now. Sigh.