Over the Counter medications and other things- a warning


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I went to visit my difficult child at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) yesterday. I guess it was a day for him to start spilling his guts because I heard a few things that I was unaware of before.

Specific to this topic though was his confession that he was taking Coricidin 8 tablets at once during the time he was making all of those terrible/dangerous decisions in June.

Apparently the combination of Coricidin along with his psychiatric medications brought on a terrific "high".

I had already heard that the "green tea" that I found in his room is a way that kids try to beat drug tests. Apparently the Coricidin beats drug tests too since he was regularly tested during that time and his tests came out fine.

We were also told when he was in Detention that licking the black lining on a Polaroid picture can bring on a high because of the chemicals on the paper. (I am NOT kidding)

I thought it might be beneficial for us to list other things that our kids are using to get high that we wouldn't ordinarily think of. This might come in handy for those with younger kids when they start experimenting, too.

Has anyone else learned of unusual methods that their difficult children have tried to get high?



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Mine abused Nyquil, which has alcohol in it. He also abused his asthma inhalers.

My difficult child is an any port in a strom abuser. Whatever is easiest to get his hands on.


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good idea suz...ant used nyquil. lots of it. I dont keep it in the house anymore. ever. he also liked tylenol sinus tablets.


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Sorry, can't help you out with household "highs". Mine went straight to the big time instead. I am, however, pretty good at finding out ways they try to disguise getting high - the eye drops, the mints (preferably Altoids - they are strong and hide a lot of smells, as do Halls cough drops for disguising liquor smell). The other "trick" I learned when difficult child was smoking marijuana in the house and trying to hide it was in the bathroom (which is why he became known as the SHOWER SMOKER), with the fan running at all times, water running in the shower for the steam, and putting a bounce fabric softener sheet in an empty roll of toilet paper to blow smoke through to hide the smell! There is also something they do with a plastic pop/soda bottle by putting holes in the side to let smoke out and inahale or blow in or out of it ... I haven't quite figured that trick out yet. Pretty sad that I've become a "marijuana/cocaine paraphanalia finder expert". I don't think I'd want to use that on any resume!


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My difficult child's PO also cautioned us when he went into difficult child's room and found a pen with the ink part removed so that it was a "tube."

Good for snorting stuff. Of course difficult child denied he snorted anything.



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Ugh! I think I mentioned this before not sure..ex drank vingear one time to pass a drug test...I guess it worked up messed up his stomach for some strange reason. Here they have taken Sudafad off the shelves..you have to ask for a box now and they will only sell one box to one person at a time as its used in Meth labs. In fact in our local newspaper they listed all the chemicals (common household items and also things easily bought at the store) to make meth. They said anyone using this stuff usually ends up making it because its so addictive and expensive and easy to make.

They listed the chemicals uses so the general public can keep an eye out for empty containers and such being used by maybe a neighbor so we can report them. If you would like me to find this list and put it on here I will. This stuff is very dangerous and they are even now finding what they call traveling meth labs...people making it in there cars, vans, ect. The odor...they said strong like cats urine is a dead give away that someone is making this stuff...unless they have alot of cats. lol.

I had a 17yr old staying with me this summer and received alot of education from her. The plastic 2 litre pop bottle thing is called a "lung" they also use a plastic bag to make it.Gives them a great big haul. Big old cigars are used for "blunts"they empty the inside and fill it with pot.Tylenol 3's are pretty popular as is crushing up ritalin and sniffing it or hopefully not injecting it. If any of you grown ups are taking contin (slow release pain killer) keep it hidden well. It's also causing alot of problems being snorted, injected. They use a Code name for pot like 902's or something like that so if you hear a strange conversation with a 3 digit # something like that they're probably using they're secret code for dope.


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420 - that's the code number for pot.

Suz, I had forgotten about the empty pen tubes - used for crack cocaine with this copper colored brillo chore boy type thing pushed into the tubing. Geesh! How sick that I even know this stuff!!!


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Well, I always suspected, but difficult child never admitted to crack - but the empty pen tubes were all over his room. Also bits of aluminum foil.



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Not that i have alot to add my difficult child isn't even doing any of this yet. He is almost ten so to be honest he could start at anytime.

Methanphedimines (?) slang words... crank, crystal, peanut butter (because it is the same color as peanut butter as because it was most likely "homemade" not in a lab) this is scarey cause you don't know what it as cut with like battery acid.
This can be taken many ways.. Snorted which is most common, empty pen, rolled up dollar, straw, etc... Smoked.. cooked up like coke in a spoon or foil. It also can be injected slang term slammin'.
As far as pot goes you can make a bong out of just about anything.. lol I am serious. Also someone had mention 902's I have never heard that one before BUT when you hear "IT'S 4:20 TIME." this is a catch pharse for time to smoke weed/pot/maryjane,cronick.
Also huffy is a big deal easy cheap way for a high. It when they spray stuff in a paperbag I suppose plastic would work to. They use spray paint, wd40, pretty much anything in a spray can (aerosol can). They spray in the bag then inhale the fumes. Inhaling gas fumes is a good one they get high off.
OK I guess I had more to say then I thought...LOL



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Well husband says you can make a pot pipe out of an apple but darned if I know how you would catch that. Guess dont buy apples and be wary if your kid suddenly develops a hankering for them...lol. I know about making a pot pipe out of a toilet paper roll with a screen and foil. Watch for paint thinner or aresol cans that dont spray anymore cause they can be inhaled. That also is a problem with whipped topping in the cans but at least all that is in the whipped topping is laughing gas. I have done that. We used to steal the cannisters of laughing gas from the trucks that deliver them to dentist offices.

Hmmmm...cant think of anything else.

My difficult child was a huffer....He used empty bread sacks or gallon sized zip-locks, sprayed the paint in it and then huffed. Gasoline, furniture polish, kerosene, anything aerosol. I do know that gold flecked paint is the *best* paint to huff, why I do not know. Red is another favorite.

Hiding dope is an art form, believe it or not. Pens, cigarettes, anything that can be bored or hollowed out, taped under drawers, in mini blind tops, curtain rods, light switches & electrical sockets, unused pants pockets, rolled in socks.

To pass a dirty drug test they can use pickle juice, vitamin C, vinegar. Alot of UA tests have a detector for these things that can cause a false positive.

If I can think of anything else, I will post it later.


OK, I forgot something, too....

Inmates at the prison I work at will put dope in the fingers of a latex glove, seal it up real good and stuff it in tubes of toothpaste, lotion, or food stuff.


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Robitussion Cough Syrup....the plain OTC-in-nearly-any-convenience/grocery store.

This is known round here as "Tussin Up!!"(Or at least the act of using it is).....
Beyond the valley of Nyquil, according to the people who are enamoured of it.

The substance is called "Medicine'; the effect &/or the individual afficcionado is dubbed a "Medicine Head".

Such plain get-it-in-any-Cough-Remedy-aisle-anywhere stuff, as in above, is often known (at least in these parts)as either "Lo-Test"; "Lo-Octane"; or "Unleaded". :rolleyes:

Even more highly popular (pun intended) are Cough/Cold medicines one can sign for at a Rx Counter in a real Pharmacy which contain codeine, & depending on the base compound, have varying percentages of alcohol &/or other other buzz-inducing ingredients, to say nothing of the codeine added. It can reallly have a *Drunked Up AND Stoned Out*!!! effect (oh good.)

The most preferred, no-prescription, sign-the-book-at-the-druggist's, Codeine versions around here seem to be bottles of Robitussion With Codeine and Novahistine With Codeine.
Sometimes also referred to as *Medicine*,or Hi-Test; or (don't ask me why) "SuperTorque" (Sheesh), the more frequent term for it is simply "Syrup".
Tastes fairly nasty by itself; so, ever inventive, our difficult children and their cohorts have come up with a solution:

In MANY bars, cocktails are mixed with it.


Y'all may have even chanced to hear a radio, er, ..."song", sweetly entitled, "Sippin' On Some Syrup".

Good grief!

I cannot for the life of me figure out if it is a good or a bad thing that we actually know these things.

But it definitely is sad.


Thanks for bringing this up. It was very educational. As my difficult child is in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for risky behavior/substance abuse it is good to know these things. We are still very much in the dark. I did find some supicious items in his room after he left for the first time. There is something that you can do with nutmeg, snort it or smoke it? Anyway, my nutmeg disappeared from my spice cupboard. Wierd!


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Catherine...since your difficult child is in treatment now, this post from archives might be very timely for you. This is the perfect opportunity for you to do a search uninterrupted.