Oy! What a year this is gonna be...


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So...I took my sweetie of a cat into the vet because he was losing weight, not eating, and peeing all over the house.

Vet did an ultrasound. He has kidney cancer and I will be losing him July 1st.

Then, I go into the doctor Monday for routine bloodwork and find out that I'm diabetic and my thyroid isn't functioning at all. I had the highest TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) the doctor had ever seen.

So, I started on Metformin for the diabetes yesterday and ever since, my blood sugar has been tanking every time I turn around. It's like I have to eat small amounts of balanced protein, simple carbs, and complex carbs every couple of hours to keep my sugar up.

They will be calling me back to make an appointment with a diabetic nutritionist to work out a diet that works with my intestinal problems and sugar issues.

I started on Levoxythyroxine (sp?) yesterday. The doctor feels that that and the Metformin and the diabetic diet should get the weight off of me fairly quickly. She also says that if I can lose the weight, I might be able to come off the Metformin. I hope so. I don't mind the diet. From my research it seems in general to be a healthy way to eat, but so far I don't like the treatment at all.

Then, the damned headaches. She put me on Fioricet but only allowed me to take it 3x per week. Not only do I get headaches more often that that, but I get rebound headaches with the Fioricet. (if it works at all )

The headaches, in my opinion are coming from spasms in the muscles at the base of my skull.


Crazy Cat Lady
Posted too soon, sorry.

I can't figure out how to eat to keep my sugar steady. My doctor says my A1C is so close to high normal that at this point I don't have to test.

I have had severe reactive hypoglycaemia since I was in my teens, so I know what a sugar crash feels like. It hoovers.

My cholesterol is good, both LDL and HDL, but my triglycerides are high. It takes me two or three tries to choke down a humungous fish oil capsule every night. I dread it all day.

Then, I drink huge amounts of water because I have 'dry mouth'. Turns out I have to cut back on water. The advice: suck on sugar-free candies instead. Well, I did that today and now have the runs from the sweeteners in the candy.

My sodium is too LOW from drinking so much water. Argh! The whole thing is a balancing act and if the diabetic nutritionist and I can't get something figured out, I am gonna chuck it go get a large chocolate milkshake with whipped cream.

Actually, I won't do that as when I had one a couple of months ago I got deathly sick with a sugar crash about an hour after drinking.

I got sick today because I was late for lunch because running errands took longer than expected. Good thing mum told me about carrying candy and a Glucerna bar. I ate a few peppermints and the bar and was able to make it home and get something more substantial to eat.

This is just a long, involved whine, I guess. But any pointers from experienced Type II diabetics who are on medications would be helpful.


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I'm so sorry for all this difficulty your having, I'm one of those tricky patients who doesn't respond appropriately to treatment either.

So sorry about your kitty, I try to think of it as when they leave us it's just to sit in God's lap and wait for us, they are furry family members I know but we give them more years then they would have had without our help. Cancer that's a big one that when it becomes a quality of life thing we can't fight it.

Hope I don't miss anything but gotta post in order I come across it, in December Angel's TSH was 554 (anyone else hear Alice Cooper playing "welcome to my nightmare"?) anyway had me walking on egg shells ever since.

I hope you are storing fish oil caps in the freezer, think about it it's fish - room temperature its rancid within 3 days of opening if not before that.

Let's hope the nutritionist can come up with a diet that works for your sugar level but doesn't leave you feeling totally robbed, I like my food too and gonna be in similar boat within a few years

headaches best thing I've found is caffeine, though not sure if it could be fit into your diet. Maybe black coffee or tea

Water toxicity totally blows been there done that too many times... maybe gatorade or skim milk but they both revert to sugar so check with nutritionist. Too much milk problem for kidneys to process so definitely double check that one.

Wish I had more answers for you and hopefully something in here helps, will keep you in my prayers.



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I posted too soon also, you should be carrying with you nuts, whole wheat crackers, an apple & banana, juice boxes and a water bottle, at all times... a medical alert bracelet also if not already done so; it will save EMT's a lot of time and possible your life.

sending hugs and healing energy


Crazy Cat Lady
I carry candies, 2 Glucerna bars for after the candies, and if out for any length of time, a sandwich with protein on whole grain bread.

My TSH was 6 hundred and something. Just through the roof. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (by biopsy) and it finally killed my thyroid. There's nothing left of it but cysts according to the technetium scan I had done.

I'm allergic to iodine, which complicates testing/treating thyroid greatly. It was a huge fight to get the only type of scan that can be done without killing me.

I got my new MedicAlert bracelet ordered today. My old one had the allergies listed but not the diabetes. I also updated the info they store.

I like nuts, pecans and pistachios especially, and spiced peanuts, but am not all that fond of almonds.

My mother says that's because I've never had good, fresh ones.I'm visiting the end of next month and will try some fresh ones then. They are supposed to be better than the other nuts.

The sodium thing is a PITA. I not only was drinking too much water, but had cut way back on salt intake because my blood pressure was going up.

I'm getting the feeling I can't win.

It is sad about Jakey. I took him in a sick, emaciated feral 9 years ago, got him back on his feet, and by then couldn't bear to part with him.

He will be with my other departed fur-faces waiting for me. He's currently on strong pain medications, and doesn't seem to be suffering other than being weak and tired. He still likes his cuddles. I am going to miss him terribly.

He's a good boy and it's a darned shame.