Pardon my Vent about difficult child's teacher


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difficult child came home from school today, got off the bus and said: Stay away from me, I am lightheaded today.

Why? I asked him.

He said because he didn't eat lunch today. WHAT? WHY?

He told me that since he forgot to bring home some of his homework yesterday, lunch time is when he had to finish it and he didn't have time to eat.

My son has had episodes where if he hasn't eaten, he gets very a hypoglycemia type reaction. (has not been confirmed yet medically) Needless to say, I was NOT NOT NOT happy to hear that he was not able to eat lunch!!! What in the world are these people thinking?

I put in a call to the school....all the administrative staff are at a meeting, so who knows if I will hear from them today or have to wait until Monday, but I will be speaking with them for sure. Geesh!

Thanks for listening to my vent! Argh!!!


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #990000"> while they most certainly take away recess so he can make up the assignment i don't think they can take away lunch time tho they can probably shorten it.

could he have misunderstood what the teacher told him to do & when?

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my guy has to sit in office and complete work during lunch, but he is allowed to eat, of course he'd pitch a fit if denied that option

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We never take lunch time away from kids-recess yes-if need be lunch in the office but they are always allowed to eat. I would be sure to check into this.


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So, I wrote the teacher an email this morning and cc'd the Assistant Principal about my son not being able to eat lunch during lunch time due to his missed homework assignment that he had to complete.

Here was my email....
I was wondering if you were aware that difficult child was not able to eat lunch on Friday because he was required to complete a missed homework assignment during this time? I am sure you can imagine why this is just not acceptable to me and I hope it should never happen again. Honestly, I would rather difficult child receive a "0" on forgotten homework, than not be able to have enough time to eat lunch. He sometimes seems to have problems with his blood sugar when he does not eat on time and he came home off the bus saying he was feeling light-headed. I was under the assumption that lunch is so important in the school district that a child who forgets their lunch is provided one from the school and the parents billed later. I would also then assume that lunch should be important enough that missed work should not take the place of a child being able to eat. Thank you for ensuring this never happens again.

Here was her response...for the most part:
I am soooo very sorry and was unaware that difficult child didn’t eat his lunch. I check the tables once or twice during our lunch time to make sure they are eating. I spoke to difficult child and specifically told him to eat – I asked if he had eaten and he said no, and I made him aware we had 15-20 minutes remaining and he needed to eat. I just assumed from there he began to eat. Anytime a child works at lunch I have told them to eat and work together – or sometimes I remind them to take a bite,write some, take a bite, etc. I would never want a child to go without eating nor would I knowfully let them. I do apologize and will be more cautious of this from now on.

I am glad that she is apologetic...and hope that this never happens to another child. I also hope that the assistant principal at least emails me back, if not calls me to let me know that this has been handled and will never happen again. It is a good thing my child didn't get very sick this time even though he didn't eat...I would have sent them the ER bill!

Have a great day!