Partial Hospitalization Suggested...


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well the new psychiatrist called... he only does in-patient work. :frown: I am so bummed, he talked to me for almost 45 minutes and was so awesome!!! He listened and wanted to help.
He had talked to our pediatrician earlier in the day... then called me. He feels if she at all tries to hurt herself beyond punching or slapping bring her in to his Hospital... he will take her, despite what our other psychiatrist said.
He feels with how severe she is, she needs an increase in Abilify, he has done studies with Abilify. He felt she may need to go as high as 10 or 15 mg. He also felt she needs to be partially Hospitalized. He thinks the drive back and forth from my home would be too much over 2 hours one way. He would want us to stay at the Hospital Hotel for the week or so that she was there. He feels he could get her under control in a week. He would also try to get her into one of the other psychiatrist'S in the area.

He felt aweful about our situation and thinks she needs help now. I am going to talk to our pediatrician tomorrow and see what she thinks.
I would go with K to do this and husband would take N and either stay home with her or fly her to Chicago with him, in-laws are there. I would prefer for him to be nearby, in case K freaked out.
I hate having to do this, but feel it might be a good/positive thing for her. She needs stability. She was punching herself in the head the other day, broke down in the grocery store today... it is all so much for her. I don't want her to be like this, if possible.
My only concern is if we do this and we can not get into the new psychiatrist then what??? We go back to the other psychiatrist, and everything is back to the same thing?
But one thought I have is at least I have a person to call in an emergency, and pediatrician can call him also. Maybe we could at least have a plan until we moved?

Any thoughts???

I hate this. I never thought this would be happening so soon, she is still my baby... :sad: I know she needs it... it is supossed to be a good program...


I know this is hard for you, but I am relieved that you have an emergency plan should you need it. This guy sounds great.



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I can only imagine how torn you are right now. It sounds like this man is good. I am trying to put myself in your place and think about what I would do. I think I would risk taking her and going inpatient and staying at the hotel.

Here are the reasons I think that would be a good idea. Number one this man thinks he can get her under control rather quickly. You get some fresh eyes on her who can maybe figure out the medications. That is a biggie. Number two, if he calls another psychiatrist, he is much more likely to get her into that psychiatrist than anyone else is. If she is an inpatient child, they will have to help find her care. He sounds like he is going to do that.

I know this is scary. I know she is little. I think it may be time and this may be your answer for now.

Good luck and I will be thinking about you.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I read about the program they have but what happens in Partial Hospitalization? I know we will find out once we agree to it, but I am wondering from first hand accounts, not from the books...

Thanks Heather.

Alos today N's Occupational Therapist (OT) was dumbfounded by how severe she is. She doesn't know how, where, what to do with her!!! What next!?!?!?!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Thanks for the kind words Janet! I just hate having those moments when I feel like I am losing her already... she hasn't even had a chance to live life yet. You know?

I know she needs this... I am positive.


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Most Partial Hospitals that I have known about...and I dont have first hand experience...but they act pretty much like the typical psychiatric hospital during the day with some testing, interacting with staff and peers, seeing therapists, etc. The main difference is that you go home at night. In the ones I have known about there are lots of groups to work on certain things but that wouldnt apply to a child her age. I would imagine she would be spending a lot of time being evaluated for medications and watched for changes in those medications. Also maybe some acute therapy to help her learn to help destress as much as she can at that age. I really cant say for sure. Im thinking lots of play therapy mixed in with testing and medication trials.

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I know this is hard but I believe this could be a positive thing. You have had such a hard time getting good help and calls returned. This guy sounds like he might be able to help. Hugs.


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This sounds like a positive direction to me. I guess if it were me, I would give it lots of consideration. After all, if you don't do it then you are exactly were you are right now...which is not a very good place to be!


M was in a partial hospitalization program last summer for 5 weeks for her feeding disorder. She had just turned 8 at the time. She attended the program from 9 am to 3:30 pm every weekday. The day was very structured with group therapy, art therapy, observations by the attending psychiatrist (who made medication recommendations), a little schoolwork, etc. Twice a week husband and I went in for family therapy with the social worker, who talked to us about parenting a child with severe anxiety. We felt very positive about the program because M needed this level of support following her 5-day hospitalization to stabilize her weight (she had developed a choking phobia, refused to eat and was hospitalized so she could be fed through an NG tube).

I agree with the others that this might be your chance to get K some real help that others (who shall remain nameless) have been reluctant to provide. I know this is a very scary step, but honestly, I don't think you and K can go on much longer the way things are. Sometimes opportunities present themselves, and you just have to take a leap of faith that this is the right thing to do. Whatever you decide, we are here for you. Hugs.


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Totoro, this sounds like a positive step for your little girlie at this point even if she doesn't engage in self harm attempts. Months of trialing medications and doses without achieving stabilization isn't good for you and isn't good for your family. The greatest fear many parents here report is how scary it is to leave a young child at the hospital but most do very well: the staff are experienced, the therapeutic activities are often fun,there's a great deal of structure, and they tend to feel very safe.

Sorry I have no advice regarding psychiatrists. I've totally lost track of them. Hey, you need a psychiatrist numbering system: psychiatrist 1-Chicago, psychiatrist 2-Idaho Never Returned Calls, psychiatrist 3....

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Sweetie, I'd go for it. Really - any help offered with-o a battle before is help you should take, in my humble opinion. :dance:

Totoro, don't borrow trouble right now - if this psychiatrist is willing to help you find a local physician take that help. Assume it will happen. Seriously, I have to reframe my situations, fears & anxieties daily or I'd get carried away - literally.

Thanks for sharing this - keeping fingers crossed for you & yours. This is the first step in finding help for little difficult child. I agree with SRL, the sooner the better. :flower:


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I will probably be the best thing you can ever do....perhaps life changing. I agreed to have my son at age 6 partially hospitilized, and although it was really hard, because like you said, he was my baby, it was the best thing I could have ever done. It put us on a completely different path than the one we were on before, and gave us many tools and resources that we previously did not have.
I know it is hard, though, so hang in there, and we will be thinking of you.
So glad that new psychiatrist was interested, and invested!!!!!!!!! It is about time you found a psychiatrist worthy of their credentials!!!!


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Oh T, as hard as it may sound and feel I think the benefits FAR outweight the anxiety and hesitation you feel when it comes to this decision. You know how your little girl is struggling and I think this sounds like an amazing opportunity with a wonderful Dr.

Good luck. I think you should seriously consider going with K soon. Just visualize what stability will look like.


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Just to echo what the others have said so far-- and partial seems a good deal given her age. Would be far less frightening to her. And help would be close at hand at night if you needed it.

Sounds like the psychiatrist has a good plan. I'd go for it, soon!

Just imagine how much better your school year next year would be if she were stabilized!

You know, once you get her stabilized you will have the energy to really sit back and think about your long-term options, whether you want to move etc.

And she will find it easier to deal with now than if she deteriorates more.

Finally, a psychiatrist who can help!! yeah!

hugs to you for all your suffering and hard work..


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Alas today N's Occupational Therapist (OT) was dumbfounded by how severe she is. She doesn't know how, where, what to do with her!!! What next!?!?!?!

If she's this unstable it might be time for a break from formal Occupational Therapist (OT) therapy. Kids who become very unstable often form a negative association with whateever is happening in their lives at the time. Maybe give it a rest and pick back up in fall when her schedule with be all redone anyway due to school.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I cried when I read all of your replies... thank you so much.
I talked to my pediatrician. she is all for this. So I called psychiatrist3 (thanks SRL) back and left him a message...

I know this is the right thing, husband is letting his Parents know right now... yikes. They are supossed to be visiting us on the 22nd...

So pediatrician and psychiatrist3 want to be aggressive with her medications until we get her in, he feels she needs to be increased...
So we are increasing her Abilify 1mg a day to try and get to 10mg... 5mgBID

Lamictal we are increasing to 100mg today and then in 3 days up to 150mg and see how she does.

I will keep my cyber family posted thank you all so much... I needed the kind words.

Of course she is actually doing OK this a.m....


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your post brought tears to my eyes as well. I can remember being at that point and having ant suggested for partial hospital. he was 14 though and refused to go!
you seem to like this doctor. I would give it a try.


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You have my full support. It is what I would do if I were you.

Good luck and keep us posted! I think it may be a blessing that you are getting this early intervention!