Pennsylvania juvenile judges....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I could only get thru about half the article- removal from the bench is not enough for these people- they need to be behind bars. PERIOD. And- the city needs to make sure it cleans the records of those kids. What a disgrace.
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    I had just seen this article and was getting ready to post it here as well. This is a horrible thing that has happened to those poor kids and families. What a bunch of bull.....
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    It kind of makes a person wonder what else is going on that hasn't been discovered, doesn't it? I know here, there were conversations about me and difficult child with the judge, between just the gal and judge- like at lunch or after hours. That is actually illegal, but what could I do? The juvenile system is a joke, in my humble opinion.
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    Hang 'em high, I say.
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    Too bad they can't get sentenced to the same facility with the juveniles they incarcerated - maybe they'll find a few who are adults now in the prison where they will serve their time.
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    What is really sad about it, it doesn't even surprise me. :(

    I'm glad they were caught. And I hope the judge for them is even more heavy handed with their sentences.
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    Doesn't it make you wonder where else it is happening? VA seems to have some corruption going on, from the roadblocks klmno has encountered, in my opinion.

    I am so horrified, as is Jess (just had her read the article too). I hope the kids at least get some sort of compensation, like free tuition at state run vocational schools and colleges or whatever. Something besides just ahving records expunged. And I hope they QUICKLY review the case of every child in those places put there by those judges.

    I think the judges should be put in prison with-o any special treatment - and they should let EVERYONE know they took bribes to put kids in jail. I bet there are at least a few parents who's kids ran afoul of those men.

    But that is just in my opinion. I HATE this kind of thing.
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    I don't "think" we have that type of judicial abuse here. The thing is, however, that unless you end up dealing with "the system" you believe that "Law and Order" means that bad kids deserve what the Court gives them for bad acts. Thousands of young people have their futures ruined because there is a dominance by the Prosecution, there is compliance by the Judges with the Prosecution because most Judges got their legal training working as prosecutors, the Public Defenders have no choice but to try to expedite the large number of defendants who can't afford the private attorneys. my humble is topped off by Legislators who want to "solve the problems" by passing blanket laws to control the Judiciary.

    With my whole heart I believe that taxpayers would be dumbfounded if they knew how many hundreds of millions of dollars are spent locking up people who don't need to be locked up. We are cutting back on school construction and rapidly expanding prison construction. We are laying off teachers and hiring thousands and thousands of new correctional officers.

    It is sad for the families and for our society. DDD
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    They should have to split the money they were paid between the poor kids that had to suffer for it. They are the ones who deserve it!!!

    I second gcvmom's idea - HANG EM!!!!