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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Malika, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Malika

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    I know this sounds silly but having this new dog (well, first ever dog, actually) is making me realise what it must be like to have a perfect child... She is so completely good. Her character is gentle, timid, sometimes fearful, she is endlessly willing to please and very affectionate. If I call her, she comes like an arrow out of the bow. Follows me around and has clearly designated me as "leader of the pack". I left her in the car once with bags of shopping and tempting things poking out; she didn't touch them. We are always more sinned against than sinning when out together; other dogs sometimes behave aggressively towards her (and once a cat :)); she never responds aggressively but just shrinks back into my legs. She is endlessly patient when J wants to play brusque games with her, such as (this morning) "saving her from the fire" which involved seizing hold of her and lugging her about... She is, in sum, an angel in canine form.
    What would it be like to have a child like this? Well, it would be very restful and very convenient but... I don't know. Too easy? :)
  2. Hound dog

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    Sounds like you found a really good canine companion. :)
  3. muttmeister

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    Sounds like you found the perfect dog but do you really want a child like that? I guess, even with the problems, I'd rather have a child with a little more spunk and fire. Of course, with my two kids, a little less would have been good. But what's perfect in a dog is not necessarily perfect in a child.
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    What an awesome dog! Congratulations!

    My easy child was as close to a perfect child as you can get, except that she was very high energy. She is very social and she loved to run around and be with-people. She cried out of boredom with-me when she was less than a yr old and I placed her in daycare and she loved it. The neatest part was that I could take her anywhere and she would fit in. Just add water, instant baby. :)
    She spoiled us to difficult child. He was and is tough, but the contrast makes it even worse. :)
    Just wait. One day, Perfect Dog will peepee on the carpet and you will wonder what planet she zoomed in from. :)
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  5. Malika

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    You are quite right, of course, muttmeister. But let's just say I could not have handled a difficult child dog on top of a difficult child child...
  6. DDD

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    How do J and your perfect dog interact? I'm hoping the companionship brings him calm and loving interaction. Sounds like you made a dynamite choice. Hugs. DDD
  7. Malika

    Malika Well-Known Member

    Thanks DDD. He's very sweet and affectionate with her, telling her with great sincerity that he loves her and sleeping with her at night. It is teaching him a bit of responsibility as morning and evening he takes her (by himself) for a walk around the block and I think her compliance impresses him, even if it does not exactly rub off. He also likes to rough-house her somewhat, but she does not seem to mind...
    Oh and the choice - was not my doing. It was the good workings of fate or chance.
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  8. DDD

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    We tried to get the "right" dog when GFGmom was four or five. Her hyperness wore off on the dog. The lucky dog got to move into a childless couples home where they literally set up a bedroom for her and lived happily ever after. Because of my experience I was a little worried when you said you and J were going to pick up a dog. SO glad it is the right combo. Hugs. DDD