Piling dumb on top of stupid


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difficult child did it this time...or

It's 5:05, do you know where your Xanax bottle is?

difficult child decided to go to the courthouse today- to his girlfriend's hearing for public intoxication. Of course, they search people before letting them in the courtroom.

difficult child had his Xanax in the bottom of his cigarette box, with no bottle to be found on his person. Charge Description- PERSON IN ACTUAL OR CONSTRUCTIVE POSSESION OF A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE
Charge Statute S893.13(6) (A) Charge Type FEL

Supposedly, IF someone brings the bottle to the station, he should be let free. As far as I know, this cannot happen until 9 AM tomorrow. I stepped back and let hubby take charge of this. I hope it opens hubby's eyes to the fact that he should not give out insurance money.

I am not angry. In fact, I think difficult child is finally getting his due. Do I get a certificate for passing Detachment 101?


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I'm sorry but I am :rofl:

OMG, this is just sooooooooooooooo predictable. I can TOTALLY see Rob doing something like that, Fedup. I'm glad it's so easily cleared up for him. In the meantime...

:hammer: :rofl: :hammer:

I'm sorry. I'm sure it's distressing but YES you have surely passed Detachment 101 today.

Giggling hugs,


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Wow add 65 yrs onto him, and would they have charged him ? Sounds like someting my son would do. They think they are so smart, and experienced when they really arent .



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It's amazig how ignorant they can be!!! I'm never shocked anymore by something that a difficult child does. That's a little sad isn't it.


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My difficult child has a little pill bottle the pharmacy gave him that he carries his days worth of suboxone in, BUT.... He also carries the prescription receipt that is attached to the bag when he picks it up in his wallet at all times. I'm sure difficult child didn't even realize this could happen, but yes you do get an award for detatchment 101. Let husband take care of it and difficult child will hopefully think next time of what he is bringing into a courtroom of all places??????

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:rofl: Sorry, just couldn't help myself. Wasn't difficult child's slickest move yet.

Sad to say, I'm waiting on something like this to happen to a friend. She carries her pain medications (prescribed) to school in a baggie. I've told her they can arrest her for it and ask questions later. But she doesn't believe me. *sigh* Before you ask, she's very much a difficult child. :crazy:


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<span style="color: #333399">okay, this gave me a good giggle too. in all honesty i think i'd have a hard time finding the prescription bottle....just to rub the lesson in a bit.

kris </span>


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Well, if his girlfriend doesn't pick up the bottle and take it down, looks like difficult child will be hung out to dry. As I said before, I'm trying to stay out of it. The only reason I know about girlfriend offering to take the bottle down is that hubby left it where difficult child leaves his cat food. I felt sorry for the kitty this morning, and fed her...

Wonder if difficult child will show up for classes today?


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Wouldn't that be nice and supportive of his girlfriend???

Glad you fed the cat :smile:
When my difficult child wasn't doing well over the summer I would buy stuff for his guinea pig because I couldn't stand to see him starve!


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The circumstances have to make you smile. The reality of it is
U G L Y!! Where we live felony charges are pressed and they do
not disappear easily..if at all. The local cops stopped a white
teacher after following her from a minority neighborhood where
she had agreed to drop off a couple after a party. She had her
pills in her purse. They did not believe they were her pills
and booked her in jail for felony possession. She asked the cops
to stop at her house two blocks from the jail and on the way. She
said she would give them her housekeys and tell them where the
Rx bottles were in her kitchen. NOT!!

She had to spend two nights in jail and was suspended from her
teaching position. The local law enforcement insisted in the newspaper that they were "doing their jobs" and emphasized that
by stating that they often took senior citizens to jail for the
same thing because "the law is the law".

My teen is a felon because an Rx bottle was found in the back
seat of his car after he lent the car to E.F. the night before.
It's scarey! Although it could easily have been his bottle..it
was not and he volunteered the car to be searched because he knew
it was clean. Sad times. DDD


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>You sure did pass detachment 101. The rules don't apply to difficult child's do they? My difficult child is the same with different rules but he thinks only parents have to follow those rules.</span> :hammer:


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I just love the title of your post. If we difficult child moms ever do write that book we talk about, I think that should be the title.

<span style='font-size: 26pt'><span style="color: #3366FF">Piling dumb on top of stupid</span></span> :rofl: