Playing Freeze-out


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Difficult Child skipped out on his urine test Thur, Fri, Mon and Tue (today). Clearly, he's been using pot.
The psychiatric said we could put him back on Lexapro, regardless.
That is, if we can ever get a hold of him.
He's been an arrogant snot, smoking in his girlfriend, H's car (she doesn't mind). I text both of them and they both ignore me.
Fine. Disappear.
No dinner for you. Two nights in a row.
Yesterday afternoon and evening, headache, bloodshot eyes, no chores, small amt of homework. Slept on couch until midnight and I had to tell him 4X to come upstairs.

(Although he did say he was okay with a paternity test. I hope he sticks to it.)

Tonight, all doors locked, lights out, windows locked (yes, he has snuck in that way) and my car locked, at 8:45.
I did not text to warn him. I just did it.
Saw a car drive up, but no one came in.

We're betting he walked to his ex girlfriend's house to spend the night.

by the way, ex-girlfriend did a non-stress test today. Next Thurs. another ultrasound (I found out by texting her mom). The doctors are talking about inducing labor. Not sure why, but something isn't adding up. She left her backpack here ... lots of vitamins and supplements, untouched. :(

She takes as good care of her health as Difficult Child takes care of his. Two peas in a pod.


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I should lock him out more often.
He was actually contrite this a.m.
Well, as contrite as an ODD kid can be. :)
He stayed with-ex girlfriend's mom.



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Thank, you, Pasa.
I have been painting, writing, and sleeping.
Very dizzy and tired ... probably sinus plus emotional fatigue.
I'm taking yoga! (It hurts)
Cousin P is still with this earth ... I got a scrip to allow her wine in hospice. Who would think I'd enjoy wine with an 87-yr-old dementia pt who weighs 80 lbs and is curled up in a fetal position?


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My mother has said she will never go to a home unless they allow her to have her wine. I think it is absurd to deny a person what they love at the end of their life because it is unhealthy....Geesh so is death.


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Im sorry he hasnt made progress. I wonder how long you will be able to live with a young man who does not listen or have ambition. You cant force him to do anything anymore.


Hoping you get on with your life and let him learn his own lessons. You did your time. You deserve to rest. His life path is now in his hands only.

Big hugs and good vibes.