please please pray or rattle beads


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One of our old members Missmel is in really bad shape right now.

Her husband had a major stroke the end of may and his entire right side of his body is paralyzed. He had to have a craniotomy about 3 weeks ago and now he has developed spinal meningitis from that surgery. His recovery is iffy at best.

Melissa has undergone emergency surgery herself due to adhesions from prior abdominal surgery and is not recovering at all well.

Her daughter is due to give birth in July.

This family could use all the thoughts and prayers they can get. They are in dire straights. I am getting phone calls from her begging me to go down there and I just cant go. She is in agony.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Best of luck to mismel and her family. Sounds like a lot of difficult times happening.</span>


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What a shame. Her poor husband has had a heck of a time over the years. I'm sorry Missmel's struggling, too. Please send her a gentle hug from me the next time you talk to her, Janet. I'm thinking good thoughts.



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I pray she and her husband get some relief from the problems pressing on them. Dear God, please intervene and send them the help they need, bless them, hold them in the palm of your hand. Thank you for hearing my prayer.


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Please tell Mismel that her old computer backgammon opponent is
sending cyber hugs and saying prayers that things improve soon.

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Sending prayers for Missmel and her husband for healing and to get the help they need.

Also, Janet, I hope you are coping OK with wanting to be able to help but not being able to. I'm sure that is breaking your heart.

Rattling beads for a member that is not known to me, but whom I feel a connection to.

I know I do not need to explain that to any of you.



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Add my prayers and good thoughts to everyone's for Missmel and her family. I know it must be so hard on you not to be able to go and be with her. Take care of you, too.