Poor, poor difficult child....



difficult child was going to spend a couple of days with a friend of mine, but she really wanted to be home.

She has a cold and allergies. She went to the doctor with me yesterday and the doctor rx'd nasonex and singulair. difficult child came to me tonight complaining that her ears were hurting and her nose was running all day (but only at school so she has determined that school is what she's allergic to :hammer:). I told her we could use the numbing drops for her ears that her pediatrician doctor rx'd 2 weeks ago, use the nasonex, a decongestant to help the drainage and then take her singulair and her lexapro. (Between her medications and mine, it wouldn't take much to convert our house into a pharmacy.)

By the time I finish saying that she's falling on the floor cause her ears hurt soooo baaaaadddd. Even the outside of her ears hurt. She spends a good 5 minutes on the floor. Honest to God, you would have thought she was dying. I finally asked her what she wanted me to do. I offered to cut her ears off...told her it was an option...she may not like it, but it was an option. :wink: She stays on the floor, so I put the ear drops away. Then I get yelled at cause she wanted them. :faint:

So, she finally lets me put the eardrops in. She spends another 5 minutes or so worrying over the nasonex, but finally uses it (tells me...I can breathe now, Mom! :whew:) She gets her pudding for the other medications (she takes them in pudding...makes them easier to go down).

This whole ordeal lasted a good 30 minutes. Then she comes to me and says, "Now my chin hurts!!!" :rofl:

She's one of a kind, my baby girl!

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Oh my Heather-such drama-I hope you don't have to offer to cut her chin off too. :rofl:I'm glad she's feeling bettter and sorry you had to endure all that to get her to take her medications. Hugs.

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You sound like me - kt will complain of an ache or pain - I offer to amputate. "MOMMMMMMMMMMM" When kt, in her most dramatic fashion, stated I'm dying (cramps) I stated something to the effect that I was really going to miss her - what dress did she want to wear to her funeral. "MOMMMMMMM"

This generally stops her in her tracks.

Sounds like your difficult child really wasn't feeling well - too bad the drama was so intense; it's hard to tell when she's really sick.

I hope today's a better day!


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We have a certified drama queen in training in our house, too. Usually, a suggested trip to the E.R. stops her cold in her tracks - then the idea of cough syrup, etc., doesn't seem so bad to her.

It's funny, but healthwise, difficult child is healthier and far more unlikely to complain about minor things than easy child. Guess easy child just wants to be heard, maybe.

Hope today is a better day!
I always offer to cut off whatever is hurting, too. I usually get "you just don't want me to have an ear/arm/foot, mom!"

I had to laugh reading your post. How many syllables can these little drama queens make out of the word


I'm not sure why they get so upset when we offer to amputate. I mean, they have 2 of everything...arms, hands, feet, etc. Kids come with built in spares! They aren't quite as amused as I when I tell them that. :hammer: :rofl:

Drama, drama, drama...never boring in our house! :smile:

When she fell on the floor cause her ears were hurting sooo baaaddd, I told her I was confused because I didn't understand how her ears hurting made her legs quit working. She must have been put together different. Oh...if looks could kill!! :rofl: