Principal note mad about tarties!


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We got a note stating the # of days my kids have been tardy, and cited the law, and stated how being tardy impacts my kids education.
90% of the time my daughter is in Occupational Therapy she goes at 8am to lessen the impact her 'school performance' and we get to school 4-10 late(depending on traffic)
How should I respond to this latest annoyance from the school??


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Send a note back asking if you need a note from the Occupational Therapist (OT) stating that necessity of these appointments, include dates and times.


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I agree, this is the course of action I would take. I would just get a note stating the importance that she attend Occupational Therapist (OT), march into the schools office and let him know that if he has any further concerns, he needs to contact your difficult child's Occupational Therapist (OT) office directly so that they can talk about it. (be sure you sign something saying that they can talk to the school, otherwise that will be a waste of time).


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I agree, I thought unexcused were NO docs or medical issues. If you have note of dates that should be good enough for the school.


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Even with note of dates, some schools get narky about it. It's a standard thing - the school computer flags a certain number of tardys, even with medical reason, and you get a letter. All they want is a "please explain" on the child's file, so if some education official pokes a nose in, the school can show they got written confirmation that they referred the concern to you and you answered it.

Also in the school's favour - if too many kids have medical appointments scheduled to clash with school times even just a little bit, it does throw things out badly not only for the student seeing the doctor, but for the rest of the class while the student arrives, hands over the note and settles into class. They really don't like it happening. Some parents WILL schedule appointments during school hours, to avoid the rush at the doctor's/dentist's/hairdresser's. It's really THOSE parents the school is trying to deal with, but you got caught up in the net.

Don't sweat it and don't get annoyed. Yet. You're already doing what you can to avoid inconveniencing both the school and your child's education. Once you explain this in a letter they should shift their attention elsewhere.



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Thanks Marguerite-I think I can get 8 of the 15 tardies excused. Does that help, or do I still have deliquent children because of 7 tardies?? Is 7 pretty bad?