Promising letter

For Mothers Day I got a letter that gave me more hope. It was from jail, done in colored pencils like a teenager, which unfortunately is where her brain stopped with drugs. But it said several precious things...that her mom fought for her and never gave up, that when she was lost I waited bc I knew hope wasnt lost and how proud she was. I sat in my driveway in the car and bawled. husband and I planned her funeral last she has hope. It was not her previous bs about being sorry, etc. She is BEGINNING to see what she has lost and the pain she has caused, and what true parental love is, not just me but husband. I just hope we continue down a good path. For now, we are!

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Terry, i celebrate with you the hope you feel for today. Being in jail has probably opened your difficult child's eyes to see the wonderful things that you and husband has done for her. Hopefully it is the beginning of some meaningful change. My difficult child wrote a similar letter for mother's day. He wrote about how wonderful a mother i am and how he is appreciative of the things i have done for him.....and how he is going to change. He even asked a fellow inmate to draw a piece of art symbolizing love. Unfortunately, he had written the same thing mother's day last year when he was in the same jail but once he got out the change lasted only a couple of months before he got back to his old habits and smoked a joint which landed him back in jail. So while we celebrate these poetic letters and appreciate the thoughts put into them, it is their actions once they are out that we have to depend on to know they truly mean what they say.
Thanks HHE7. You are so right. Until she serves her 2 yr court ordered treatment and is out, we wont truly know. She did well for 1+ yrs after an 8 mo stay in a priv rehab when she was 21. She has been up and down since, will turn 30 nxt week in jail. I can only hope this time...

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one day at a time
Terry I am so glad you heard from difficult child around Mother's Day. And HH7, that you heard from your difficult child too. That means a lot to us moms.

It's interesting that on Mother's Day this year I didn't expect to get anything from difficult child (a letter) and I didn't. I had already gotten two letters back to back from him right after he got arrested again. He seems to be able to find paper, envelopes and stamps when he wants them, even when I don't put money on his account.

I hear from him when he wants me to do something for him. It is affirming to keep on walking the path I am on.

I hope, for your sakes, for all our sakes, that your two difficult children are "getting it" that they are starting to have that spiritual awakening that must happen for real sustained change to occur.

That would be wonderful to hear about, even if it was not my difficult child. Hugs to you on this day.