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    Does much happen at the first appointment.? Will the psychiatrist prescribe new medications then? I am hoping she will. difficult child is in such a bad place, and I just want to get her some help. We took her to the ER, and they saw her in the mental health ER, and they just told us that we needed to see a psychiatrist. I am just so scared for her, and want to be able to help her get better.
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    Tell psychiatrist how scared you are for her... It is not the time to brag about accompishments, the sooner you can get help the better. Yes, they will likely start medications right away. But it takes time for medications to build up and then if it is not the right medication then you end up switching which is a process in and of itself. medications alone never fix things once behaviors are mixed in. She needs intensive therapy (meaning daily--in pt or out pt --in pt will set her bio clock with consistent schedules for waking, eating, cleaning, school work, daily group and individual therapy etc.) in my humble opinion, I have had students like this and it is really amazing how this can help. Do you have insurance? Do not expect the doctor to offer, tell him what you are thinking and often they will support it. Especially if you are assertive and not waivering. If you need to talk to psychiatrist without daughter there, then you can tell him/her that and dont ask, just politely say I have some issues to discuss with you alone. You can warn your daughter ahead of time if you are worried she would be upset. Tell her you have questions about treatment and you dont want to overwhelm her but that you will never keep secrets from her about the decisions you are making. Just some thoughts from family experience (my youngest sister was in a similar situaiton and I had to call and get my mom into it, she was too overwhelmed) and former students. It is hard to say that out loud, it makes it very real once you say to a doctor that you are afraid for her safety at home (you sad she cuts=did I remember that right? sorry if I am wrong about that part) and she is not able to do basic activities of daily living at this point. (ADL's)