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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Yesterday when I was at the school meeting Q was with my mom. He did so great. As I said he kind of knows what's up, just haven't told him the specifics. (he just told me...mom (ex school name) is off the table now, right???........... so he has clearly been slowly processing all of this.)

    I got a text from my mom to all of us girls... she said that yesterday he asked her if he could go to a "magnetic" school!

    (I dont even know how he knows about magnet schools. I think the home elementary school for our complex became a magnet school a few years ago so maybe the kids talked about it??? )

    We got his FM system today... cute little hearing aids and they are nice bright GREEN which he LOVES and the ear molds are in the canal so really soft and comfortable (also has general ones that leave the canal open but made custom molds for horseback riding. We also got a huggie clip that holds on to each aid and then clips to his shirt if he jumps off a horse and rolls or something like that... Just covering our bases. The clarity compared to the school FM system is amazing. Really good. And we upgraded the microphone to one that allows some zooming into a narrow range if a speaker is right in front of him for sit down lessons with a teacher when other kids are around.

    He learned to do it all himself and she said he was really gentle. Really cool that it doesn't have to have wax cleaned out of it..it has these little filters on the end and there is a tool that lets you put a new one on with just a click. I always was the cleaner at schools... I got over the gross-ness of it and am actually a pretty good problem solver...(no duct tape but darn close) until a kid could get to the audiologist. So this is really cool...much more high tech. You can patch in audio too so he wouldn't have to switch from mp3 player ear phones and lose them if he is out and about.

    it always surprises me how things I would think he would have a hard time with, he ends up doing amazingly well. He had transition moments today but overall is doing great. Some car races start today (qualifying rounds) and so he earned watching them by doing well at the audiologist. We have some reading to do at the end of the races just to keep up some school discipline.
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    The things that come out of our kids' mouths just never cease to amaze me. I am glad he's getting used to the idea of not going back there. He's still processing but at least he's not hard-pressed for something that may or may not happen. I am so glad YOUR Q is coming back. That is so good to hear. Now you know it was the situations & "aura" at school that were causing some of the behaviors to continue. Being away from there is a VERY good thing!!

    I'm happy for you both. That FM system sounds cool.
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    Never underestimate our kids, they were put here to challenge and amaze us! :warrior:
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    :flirtysmile3: Magnetic school! Too cute!
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    I love it!! I hope he can find a magnetic school that he would love to go to. by the way, the other day my niece told my mom that "the ghost was clear" when my mom stopped at a stop sign the other day!
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    Is a magnetic school one of those that a magnetic personality like Q can actually "stick" to?
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    <Like> <Like>:rolleyes: but cute IC.
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    How very cute! I love this update, Buddy!

    difficult child's boyfriend's son has those hearing aids, they are fabulous. They enable him to be the active little boy he is without worries.

    I'm so happy for both Q and you!
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    Oh that is so funny. Q sings Ruby Tuesday like this: choo choo Ruby Tuesday, coo-coo head's the name of you......

    I think that is a good insight...maybe it could be a school he is "attracted" to?? LOL
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    LOL! It sounds like he's thinking positive about all this and that can make so much difference. Maybe I'll go to magnetic school with him!
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