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I'm watching Live with Regis and Kelly this morning and one of their guests is Guy Pearce. OMG.......who IS this guy? Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE his accent but give me an Aussie, Irish or Scottish (and certain British) accent and I turn to mush. :blush:


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Yup. Guy Pearce is a hunk.

If you get a chance to see Guy in a totally different role, get out "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert". It stars Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving as drag queens and Terence Stamp as a transsexual, who all go ono a road trip in a bus, heading for a gig at Alice Springs. There is more to the journey than meets the eye - it's an opportunity for discovering where they're going as individuals, too. We get a chance to explore their pasts as well as see a possible glimpse of their future.

It's brilliantly acted, hilariously funny although it's not really a comedy, a lot risque and very Australian. Very much 'fish out of water' stuff.

The extra big joke of the casting - they're all known for straight roles.

Guy Pearce was very good in LA Confidential (as was our Russ).

We first came across Guy Pearce in one of our soapies, "Neighbours". The Poms grabbed it from us and they love Guy Pearce too.

Someone in the US tried to make a US version of "Priscilla" with Patrick Swayze. It was called "To Wong Foo - Thanks for Everything, Love Julie Newmarr" (a title guaranteed to endear you to every person whose job it is to put the movie name up on the marquee in those little letters). It flopped. Badly. I saw it. I know why.

And just a short digression on bad movies and movie reviews, I believe the shortest ever bad review was for the Broadway production (1954-55) of "I Am A Camera". The reviewer, Walter Kerr, wrote, "Me No Leica."
[reference: "No Turn Unstoned" by Diana Rigg]



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I guess if you're into "Rocky Horror" (which easy child is, big-time, by the way) you'd love Priscilla.

Re Rocky Horror - easy child has a cushion shaped like red lips, she now has a keyring - same shape, X-rated sound effects (courtesy of last Christmas from easy child 2/difficult child 2).
She's got the DVD, she'd got the CD, she's got the karoake CD and she's got the sheet music. After the success of the film Little Nell (Nell Campbell), who played Columbia, owned a bar in New York called "Nells" or "Little Nell's". Her father was Ross Campbell, a journalist and column writer in Australia up til he died in the late Sixties. In his column he always referred to his daughter as Little Nell (the name of a 19th Century melodrama character).

easy child, her friends & I went to the 10th anniversary midnight karaoke screening in the heart of Sydney. We went in costume. I still have the souvenir ticket - red refraction foil, laminated.

I'm just waiting for them to do the same with "Priscilla".

A bit of trivia on "Priscilla" - the woman playing Tick's wife (the one who runs the entertainment in the resort) is Diane Craig. In real life she's married to Garry McDonald, whose comic character, Norman Gunston, did so much for Australian comedy in the Seventies. His interview with Sally Struthers is still played in snippets on "History of Australian Television" shows. Norman Gunston was a sort of Borat character, interviewing people and totally blowing away any pretensions. Sally Struthers didn't have any pretensions, she just got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. Garry is a brilliant actor and I guess these days would be called bipolar (original label - manic depressive). "Priscilla" was full of cameos, all sorts of people well-known in Australia.
The stage show is doing the rounds of the country right now - same costume designers (Lizzie Gardiner, etc). Lizzie was the one who turned up at the Oscars to accept her award wearing a dress made from gold Amex cards. Amex were unimpressed.



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Well its obvious I love I have seen it in the theater 105 times and I have lost count on the number of times on tv and dvd/vhs. I used to have the cd and even the computer game but lost them somewhere along the way.

I grew up on it back in the 70s. We had so much fun going to the midnight movies on friday and saturday nites in costume. I was always...JANET...lmao. I pretty much still know all the words. I may forget a few to start off with but once the movie starts I am right there again.

My whole family enjoyed Priscilla. The boys got a huge kick out of it.