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    I have a friend whose 5th grade son is on an IEP. He has severe difficulty reading, particularly with fluency. The school district gave its standard tests (think just IQ and achievement). He is bright, and actually has excellent comprehension of what he reads, just reads very slowly and with a great deal of difficulty and has horrendous spelling. No other obvious LDs or mental health issues. The mom wants to know more specifically what is wrong and whether there are targeted interventions that are necessary. (The child receives some pullout support now in a small group which focuses on various language arts skills , but not sure there is much specificity to this child's particular problems. My son is in the same one, with completely different reading issues).

    So here's my question: can she ask they he be tested for some specific reading disabilities, should she ask that he have specific tests (which ones), and are there specfic interventions depending on the disability? Where can she go to learn more about what she should specifically ask for?

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    There are several threads in the Sp Ed Archives on Reading problems. Be sure and check them out.

    Many people think that Dyslexia is writing letters backwards. Not so. Dyslexia means reading disability. Sometimes this one of many characteristics is "a symptom," sometimes not.

    Your friend can ask that her child's reading ability be evaluated in such a way as to specifically address her daughter's reading difficulties and results in scientifically based academic interventions.

    If she doesn't agree with-the sd's evaluation, then she should ask for an IEE.

    She can learn more about scientifically based research and academics at .
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    I haven't reviewed all of the dyslexia info at but it appears to contains some good overviews.

    Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is commonly misunderstood. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia, and how dyslexia affects a child's academic life and emotional and social growth.