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    It's been a while since I've visited here. My son is 20 now and life has only gotten more difficult and complicated with him. He's addicted to pot and alcohol, and he'll accept any and every drug offered to him. Back in October I called the police on him when I knew he was driving my car while stoned. He was charged with reckless driving. I talked to the county attorney and she offered to drop charge if he went to rehab. He went for 30 days, came home on January 5th and started doing the same things. He left this past Friday afternoon to go "for a run" and didn't show back up until Saturday (he had texted to let me know that he was with one of his druggie friends). When he showed up on Saturday he was high as a kite. He was in the car with me and started messing with my gearshift and trying to grab the steering wheel. I pulled over and called the police. They arrested him for public intoxication. I haven't bailed him out of jail - he's still there. The county attorney offered him the option of 90 days in jail (the reckless driving charge hasn't cleared) or 90 days in rehab. He says he'll go back to rehab.

    So I'm looking for rehab facilities. They need me to have something lined up by tomorrow so I'm under the gun. The last one we went to left a lot to be desired. Does anyone have any suggestions for good rehab facilities for dual diagnosis? He has aspergers. If you aren't allowed to post that kind of information here in a thread - could you send me a private message with a recommendation?

    Thank you so much.
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    I should have mentioned that we live in Kentucky, but he doesn't have to stay in-state.
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    Hi Steph. We cannot recommend rehabs on the conduct disorders board. If any members know of rehabs in that area, they can PM you with that information. Are you set on having your difficult child stay in state?

    We found the rehab that our difficult child went to through her DBT therapist. It was also highly recommended by the interventionist that we used to get her to go to rehab.

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    I can't figure out how to send her a PM?
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    I would rather my son go out of state and as far away from this environment as possible.
    What is DBT?
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    I haven't tried to PM anybody since we switched to the new forum. Hopefully someone will come along and tell us how to do it!
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    Okay, I asked Cheryl and this was her reply:

    Look for the "Inbox" link on the upper right side of the pages. PM's are now called conversations. Click "Start a New Conversation".

    Hope that helps.
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    I tried that, but it said I couldn't start a conversation with that user. :-/
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    Comatheart - I just sent you a PM. I hope it works.
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    Send me one also. DDD
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    I just sent one to you, DDD.
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    Send one to me son has been to several rehabs.

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    I would be glad to tell you about the rehabs I know about---we are one state from you. If we can connect somehow.
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    Hi new to site- my son 22 now has been to 2 rehabs (at 17 and right now). I am soo confused what to do with him next, he is out of state now- wants to come home- best for him not to - help!! Seems like halfway houses are not safe?? So many problems with them?

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    comaheart, I don't know why it wouldn't work for you. I just sent a test PM to Steph and had no problem. Did you type in her username after you clicked on start conversation?
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    Kathy, yes I did. (I copy and pasted it in) I'll try and send one to you as a test.