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I thought today would be better than yesterday, I was wrong. My DS had only been at school for 30 min, and I received at call for me to come pick him up. He actually left school (he is 6 yrs old). The teachers were inside the school looking for him. But he had made outside the back of the school in the parking lot. Luckily, the custodian saw him and was able to coax him back in. He also tried to do the same thing yesterday. His excuse was " I was mad. I hate school. It is boring and takes too long. I want to go home." Again, he has ADHD and an anxiety disorder.
My husband and I are trying to figure what do at this point, so he wont do this again. He is on Adderall which the dosage was increased 2 weeks ago. I have heard that those on Adderall can be more aggressive. We have an IEP mtg on the 15th and goes to a developmental/ behavioral specialist on the 23rd. Any suggestions?

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You want to talk with school about how they plan to keep your son at school (and no, them telling you, you have to talk with him how he is not allowed to leave the building doesn't cut it. Neither does suspending him if he does or anything like that.) You really don't want bolting from school becoming a habit. More times he does it, more difficult it becomes to keep him there. And if you are always one step behind in trying to keep him there, you kind of teach him step by step how to bolt.

My kid was also six, when he bolted middle of his very first day in Kindergarten. He was found almost six hours later by the police playing in midsection of extremely busy freeway. Following years things got worse. He was reported missing and searched by police countless times. Two times he was drag searched from the river and believed drown. Few times he was searched by helicopters with thermal cameras and search and rescue teams. In one point he had a personal aide just to keep him at school. Unfortunately he could outrun the aide easily. He was found from most odd places inside and out of the school. And he isn't even really autistic or otherwise disabled. He just didn't like to be at school. Unfortunately we were not able to stop that behaviour to beginning and he learned he could always bolt and there was nothing we really could do to stop him.

You can get him to school, but if you are not there next to him every moment, you can not keep him there. School has to come up with an answer to that. If they can't, they have to be happy to pay some other arrangement to make it happen.