S.E. still problems



Any advice. difficult child was put into Special Education at semester of his 6th grade year. He can do the work, but refuses to. This is 7th grade, and things have been much better until recently. Last three weeks, he has been kicked out of class, ISS, on a daily basis for blasting his teachers! He knows what is expected of him. Have a behavior "plan" (he hates having a "plan"). He did so well last quarter. Made honor roll! Hasn't done anything since. He is verbally abusive his teachers. Any suggestions on what to do next?


Different things can cause these type problems.

As an example, my son has similar problems. Things will go smoothly for a while and then something will trigger a downward spiral. It can be anxiety or a PSTD trigger. During these episodes, I hear a lot of difficult child "won't." It's not that he "won't;" during these periods he "can't."

Can you give us some history and diagnosis on your child?