SA Family could you please send supportive vibes my way?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DDD, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. DDD

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    It is not a crisis.....not like it used to be when on my knees I prayed and begged, lol. on the other hand, tomorrow is going to be a stressful day for me as I attempt to negotiate a home purchase contract for difficult child#1. We "found" the house today and difficult child, husband, difficult child;s girlfriend and I are hyped up. It's a long drawn out story on why getting to contract is going to be hard but I need to bring my strongest business head and creative self to the day. I'm pooped, lol, and not confident I can pull it off. I'd appreciate family support. DDD
  2. klmno

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    Wow! What a big step! Is he able to take responsibility for a house and pay all the bills? I'm sure he's very excited! You know buying a house is always stressful and without knowing your mitigating circumstances, I'm sure this is more stressful than typical.....I'll keep fingers crossed for you and him and look forward to hearing how it turns out!
  3. Nancy

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    You got it DDD, sending good thoughts your way. You can do it, you are a good businesswoman. I'm hoping tomorrow night is celebration time.

  4. Signorina

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  5. Tiredof33

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    Good vibes and best wishes.........
  6. Calamity Jane

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    You're Mama - you can do anything!! Really, truly sending supportive vibes, DDD.
  7. exhausted

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    Im late DDD but I hope it went well and I always have you in my prayers. I hope the best thing happens for you all. Sending super vibes to the universe!
  8. Marcie Mac

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    Sending you all of the positive JuJu I can muster DDD :)

  9. Ephchap

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    Count me in. Sending lots of positive thoughts, my friend.

  10. DammitJanet

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    fingers crossed
  11. everywoman

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    Prayers for you.
  12. PatriotsGirl

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    You got it!!!
  13. Kathy813

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    I don't know how I missed this last night. I am crossing fingers and toes and sending positive energy that it goes well today!!!

  14. pinevalley

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    I'm also sending you supportive vibes today. You are a real warrior mom & I am positive that you can do it!
  15. SuZir

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    Good vibes coming to that way!
  16. lovemysons

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    Hi DDD,

    You have my hopes, prayers, positive vibes and all good things rooting for you today.
    If ANYONE can pull it off...It's YOU!

  17. recoveringenabler

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    Lots of good vibes coming your way............
  18. busywend

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    Sending good vibes your way...although I have no doubt that YOU can do anything! So, I am sure this will turn out just fine. Super exciting for difficult child 1!!!
  19. DDD

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    Had the Realtor write up the offer this afternoon. Should hear back tomorrow if it's accepted. I expect it will be but THEN the fun begins trying to get the right financing and inspections etc. Believe me the whole deal is complicated but I am keeping up my confidence that I CAN get a house for difficult child#1. The house is a 2/2 with a deep attached one car garage (room for laundry equipment) and it has the remote control that difficult child#1 loves at my house. It has over 1800 sq. ft, a LR with dining area adjacent to the kitchen and THEN :) a family room that is open access from the kitchen with a counter top. (LOL...not granite but nice) PLUS there is an enclosed screen porch off the family room.

    I offered under forty for it. Oh yeah, it has a well/sprinkler system and the yard is 80 x 125. I know I found a fantastic deal. I hope I can sleep tonight as I only caught about five hours last night working out contingency clauses. I hope husband and Ace leave me alone tonight I'm hyper and exhausted at the same time. DDD
  20. Kathy813

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    Great update. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things work out for your difficult child.
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