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    I was in the city so I had made plans to attend a meeting sort of like Al Anon. It was a fairly large group and most of the people were young women (younger than my 59 lol).

    One young lady spoke of a whirlwind courtship and marriage after only knowing the groom for 3 months. She did not know of his drug use (both about late 20s or early 30s) and he had a good job, and both agreed for her to be a stay at home mom. They both wanted to start a family and after the baby was born he relapsed. She was crying, saying his family enables him and blames her, that he ODs (pill use) and she is just a nervous wreck. She actually said she was not going to call 911 any more, it was his problem and she wanted out of the marriage. She has no means of support, emotional or financial, and he came very close to losing his job. She was told that she may get into trouble by not calling for help if she was there when he OD. Can you imagine such pain and dispair that you would let the person die?

    Several talked about the problems the addicts caused from pain pill addiction. After the docs cut them off they start buying them on the streets. I knew it was a financial drain, but I didn't know about the violence and how easy it is to OD. I left feeling really down, most of them had just started with the counseling and I really felt so sorry for them having been there myself.
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    Yuck! That is awful!!! Prescription drugs are awful!!! My husband had 10 years clean last Oct and was prescribed vicodin for an infected wisdom tooth. He was so scared to take them even only took half at a time and it still woke up his sleeping addiction. Its been an awful year with him trying to get back to the person he used to be. I really feel for the girl with the baby, I know how it feels to check your husband at night to make sure hes still breathing. Its all such an awful nightmare!!!!! :(
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    I do think these meetings are hard in general. The trick is to get it out and then go on living. Man-what drugs do to the world!!!
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    I go to an open AA meeting on Sunday evenings with my difficult child. I listen to their stories and it makes me want to cry. Some of them have been through so much in so few years, some seem to young to have gone through that much. They use and detox and relapse and detox and recover and the cycle goes on and on. For some of them they finally stay sober and for others there they are somewhere along the cycle and hopefully what they hear at these meetings will help them stay clean/sober.

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    That gets me, how can a doctor rx any drug that can be in any way addicting to someone who has had an issue with addiction in their past? Is it right to rx a benzo to be taken on a regular basis to a person who was a cocaine addict or opiate addict even though they claim they only used "on the weekends or when not working steadily" which was most of the time.