Sad story of addiction


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I posted on PE last week about the 17 year old boy we knew who was killed in a drunk driving car accident. Such a sad thing. What makes it even sadder is that his real mom is a crack addict. They had to go find her in a crack house to tell her that her son had died.

He lived with his father and stepmother, older brother from the same mom and younger brother from his stepmother. The stepmother has raised all these boys for years due to the real moms addiction. I guess someone was keeping a close eye on the mother through the days of the wake and funeral, but come to find out as soon as the funeral was over, she never showed up at the house they were going to after the funeral, but instead stole money from the person she was staying with for a few days and had a car waiting for her to take her back to the crack house. The older brother is now so afraid that she will be next and that he will not be able to handle this after just burying his 17 year old brother.

It is so sad what addiction does to you. This mother couldn't even be there for her oldest son because she is still choosing the drugs over her life and she's somewhere around 45 years old. I feel so sorry for this kid as the first few days after his brothers death he wanted nothing to do with her, then backed down and tried to be there for her through the wake and funeral.

Just one more thing that shows how awful this disease is.


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My son currently is staying at a place where pot is openly smoked. There is a mother (about 40), adult son who is 23, adult daughter, age 21 who has a 1 y/o in the house too along with my son. What gives??? These adults that do this should be jailed!


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Addiction is a horrible disease that steals away your soul. I have lived with a mother (gambling), father (alcohol), husband (drugs), and son (drugs) who all battled addiction. There is a point where all the addict knows is the addiction---no one else, nothing else matters.